Interview: Boston Area Rap Artist Don Jovani Talks About His New Single "Man Of The House (Now Or Never)" and Biggest Accomplishment in 2018 Thus Far

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We connected with Boston area (North Shore) based rap artist Don Jovani for an exclusive Q&A to discuss his very DOPE inspirational new single “Man Of The House (Now or Never)” featuring Dwayne Nate, as well as his biggest accomplish of this year so far, and why you should be checking for his music.

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We're huge fans of your new song "Man Of The House", featuring Dwayne Nate. The lyrics have a great message and the beat is very catchy. Who produced it and how did you and Dwayne connect?

First off, thank you for enjoying the new song. I appreciate it, truly. The lyrics and message are me just bringing my story to life. The beat is awesome; it's produced by DownTownMusic, when Dwayne brought it to me it brought something else out of me.

Dwayne and I go way back, elementary school days, when I started at a new school in 4th grade my assigned seat was placed in front of his. We both attended the same school until high school when i moved to Rhode Island, after going to Umass for a couple years I moved back to to Massachusetts where we linked up again off the music and started to work together.

Will you be following up the song's release with a video soon?

Absolutely I'll be following up with a video to this soon. I actually have a few visuals planned for this, I want to put the same quality into the videos as I do with the audio. I want the videos to really bring our stories to life. I want to tell you everything about it but I don't to give it all away because I don't know what will be saying too much haha.

Basically, Dwayne started off the visuals with a mini video: , I'll be following up with my mini video, and then we're going to bring it back for a completely new full video. Before I was focused on building my sound, now that I'm good with that and I'm focusing on visuals I'm very excited on putting something nice together.

Being from the North Shore area of Boston, how would you say that your environment and life experiences are reflected in music?

Being from the North Shore area, because there isn't any distinct "North Shore Sound" it gives me the freedom to be creative and do my own thing as long as it stays true to me as a person/brand. My philosophy is that art reflects life, so as an artist I want my artistry to reflect my life. So with this single "Man Of The House (Now Or Never)", it's all about manning up, handling my responsibilities, doing what you gotta do to get where you gotta get. Nothing gets handed to you so I have to get it Now or Never go and get it. I make songs like this as theme music and it’s so easy because I just say what I been through, my life experiences. I like tryna make this hustle music without preaching, I like to share the lessons I learned:

"Only thing that I advise is not to take advice

We can only get so far by being nice

Sometimes we do the wrong thing just to get whats right

I left my Mom's crib because I want her living right

I'm really chasing dreams, damn i'm running round all night

Cus I remember all the times we couldn't pay them lights

You never showered from a sink then don't know what it's like

I only need one shot we not living twice"

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist thus far in 2018?

So far, I think my biggest achievement in 2018 was getting official distribution and making that jump from Soundcloud to all music streaming platforms. That was at the beginning of the year with my mixtape in March. After doing that and learning while I was going I started crafting together singles, and thought it would be better to release and build my sound up to end the year with visuals.

Honestly, 2018 has been my biggest year for music; every move seems to be bigger and bigger and I'm really just having fun with it. Getting paid from the streaming and knowing I brought my passion to profit really keeps me motivated to just keep accomplishing everything I set out to do. Only one that can stop you is you.

Explain for our readers why they should start checking for you and your music from now on.

Well different people may get different messages and different gems from my music, you may put it on and hear whatever you need to hear at the moment to get you up and get you going. I'm versatile and even though I'm a rapper, I can make multi-genre songs like “Man Of The House”, so there's truly something for everyone. I don't want to force my music on anyone, but I do want people to honestly give it a chance and critique like we do with the top artists today, and if you listen to it and you like it then boom I pass that listener test.

If you like real music that you can relate to, but can also vibe to then I got you, its that simple. I know I'm building this to go somewhere, so come along for the journey.

Finish this sentence - "When someone listens to a Don Jovani song for the first time..."

I want them to feel like a Don too.

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