Interview: Boston Based Indie Rock Duo Oh Moses Talk About Their New EP "The Company You Keep"

We connected with Boston based indie rock outfit Oh Moses, comprised of Matthew Drew and Zach Breslin, to talk about their newly released five song EP, “The Company You Keep”. During our interview with Matthew and Zach, we found out how they met, the hardest part about recording and completing the EP, and what they want the listener to take away from the experience of listening to the EP for the first time.

After reading our Q&A with Oh Moses, be sure to connect with them on their website and FB, and enjoy “The Company You Keep”!

Tell us about your new EP release "The Company You Keep". How long did it take to complete and were there other songs recorded that didn't make the final cut?

Oh Moses - The Company You Keep .jpg

We have a pretty deep well of songs we've written over the years, from before this band was even formed. So when choosing songs for this EP, we wanted to pick primarily the newer songs with a couple of the older ones in there for good measure. We want to show who we are as a band right now, but also where we came from.

All of them are relevant to our story, and will continue to be mixed throughout going forward.

The band is new, having only formed this year; how did you two meet and what led to the creation of Oh Moses?

We met nine years ago working minimum wage jobs in a nowhere town in the middle of New Hampshire. We had started writing music together almost immediately. Over the years we had an on again off again relationship with making music. However, with the lead up to this EP, we decided to finally throw everything we have into it.

Oh Moses is the start of us going for it, but after we've already gotten comfortable making music together and worked through all the kinks.

Would you guys say that the city of Boston inspires your music at all? If not, what are some things that do spark your creativity?

About a year into our writing partnership, we were operating in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Boston specifically. It was particularly inspiring for Zach making the drive into the city every week. Just seeing the buildings in the distance, Boston has always represented opportunity for us.

What would you say was the hardest part about recording and completing the EP; and what are you most proud of with it?

There were a million obstacles along the way in making this EP. We had to essentially learn the entire recording process on our own. We had to not only make sure the writing was on point, but also the recording and mixing. We lost the computer we were using in the process, but somehow saved the songs and replaced the computer.

We are most proud of the fact that we figured out how to create a full band sound as just a duo. It's a real Black Keys type deal.

What are some emotions that you hope to conjure when someone listens to the EP for the first time?

Our number one hope we have with this EP, is that it will leave people inspired. We want anyone who listens to this EP walking away feeling the itch to make something of their own. So much of our drive to make music started from us listening to our musical heroes growing up. Trying to be just like them, then trying to be all our own.

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