Interview: Boston Based Pop Singer-Songwriter Taylor Briggs Talks About His New Video "So So Bad" and Upcoming EP "Painting Pictures"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with Boston based multi-instrumental pop singer-songwriter Taylor Briggs. The Los Angeles native recently released the video for his song “So So Bad”, so it’s only right that we pick his brain about the visual, how his enrollment at the Berklee College of Music has helped his mature as a music creator, what we can expect from his upcoming EP, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new video "So So Bad". How did you connect with the director Doran Kim to create the visual?

I connected with Doran Kim by putting an ad up at Boston University's Film and Television Department with a link to my song, stating that I was interested in finding someone within their department to do a music video. She saw my ad, loved the song, and put together a team to film the video.

Doran and I discussed the song's treatment, but she was the one who really created the entire storyboard and theme for the video based on the music I had created and produced. We were both very happy with how “So So Bad” came out, and are planning to do two more music videos soon, for two other songs that will be on the EP.

Of the songs that you have created for your upcoming EP, why did you select "So So Bad" to develop a video for?

I chose “So So Bad” because it was the first song on the EP that I finished mixing and mastering, and people who heard it thought it was catchy, so I hoped it would be a good song for my first music video. I also enjoyed how rhythmic the song is, and felt that the production helped the flow of the song.

Speaking of the EP, what can tell us about it? Is its title top secret? Will there be any features?

It's music I've been working on since last year, and I'm still in the process of completing it. I found my sound making this EP, using RnB vocals underneath hip-hop beats, with alternative guitars and synths. I blended these together using a pop production.

The EP will be called, “Painting Pictures”, which is also the name of one song. The other songs are called, “Painting Pictures In The Dark”, “Kelsey”, “Smile”, “The Feels”, and “Friday Afternoon”. I hope to have the EP finished by summer.

How have you changed as an artist since the release of your debut album "California Life"?

Since my first Album “California Life” which I finished at 18, I've learned to understand my emotions better, and how to put more emotion into the musical part of my writing. I've also improved my mixing and mastering skills.

I was in high school when I wrote “California Life”, so now that I'm older, the scope of my writing has expanded to include more relatable topics.

Would you say that your enrollment at Berklee has helped you mature as a music creator in general?

What Berklee has done is taught me how to translate emotion into music beyond the lyrics. The movement of chords in itself can display emotions, and Berklee has shown me how to understand and use these sounds to convey a desired meaning to the listener.

The school has also exposed me to many other genres of music, and I now have a much better understanding and grasp of music than before I came here. Having the opportunity to be immersed in music and around so many other good musicians has also made me a better musician too.

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