Interview: Boston Based Artist/Producer Shaney Poo Talks About His New Music Video "Pretty Brown Eyes"

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We connected with Boston based singer-songwriter and producer Shaney Poo for an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released music video “Pretty Brown Eyes”. We also got a chance to pick Shaney Poo’s brain about his time in the group Aristokratz, what comes next after “Pretty Brown Eyes”, and his two year plan for his music brand.

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We're huge fans of your new song/video "Pretty Brown Eyes". Tell us about how the song itself came together from a creative perspective as its writer and producer.

I started writing the song in 2017 when I was living in New Jersey doing small shows in New York. At that time I just released my song "Goldmine" and people really enjoy it, so I wanted to keep experimenting in that world.

My bro gave me a flash drive full of old school Zouk music so I just kept on sampling till I found something I liked. After that the writing process was simple, some of the lyrics I already had in my mind and the rest I just let it happen naturally.

Regarding the visual, how did you and Colorwave Studios come up with the treatment? Also, who is your leading lady in the video?

Yea, Joanne Elie is the founder of Colorwave Studios and is also a good friend of mine. I've acted in a few of her short films in the past so I knew she would be great to work with.

We literally just met up one day, I played her the song and we instantly started brainstorming. We sat for hours with ideas but then I just said "f*ck it", let's just do a simple photoshoot and call it a music video. The leading lady is Miek Perez, she really came through and did her thing along with the energy Kriket Smith brought to the table.

It was crazy because we were scrambling to find someone last minute. We originally had 2-3 other girls that couldn't do the video and we had only 2 days before the shoot. So I reached out to Layor G, who owns a fashion brand, and he hooked us up with Miek Perez. So that’s bigs up to Layor and Miek for coming through in the clutch. Also choosing Jona Tata to shoot the video was a no brainier.

With "Pretty Brown Eyes" now out, what musically can we expect next from you?

I really don't know, I have music stashed away and I'm still making more.

Whatever I release next I really want it to have a different effect on people. Something personal with meaning. I have an idea of what it might be but who knows, I can always change my mind.

Would you say that your time in the group Aristokratz molded you at all to be the creative/solo artist you are today?

Definitely. That was a very special time in my life. Not only are those guys my brothers but it truly showed me that anything is possible when you collaborate and to not wait for any opportunity but to create the opportunity because nobody will give you anything for free in this world. It gave me a entrepreneurial mindset so when it comes to my music, I apply the do it yourself mentality.

On this day in two years, what are some things that you hope to have accomplished with your music brand?

I've spent the last year or two doing shows but I really want to be performing on tour and seeing the world. I love being on stage so doing that every week would be incredible. Really hoping for that happens before two years though.

I want to create classic work that lives with people for a long time. Also, I just want to just keep growing as an artist, a man and to keep growing my supporters and be there for them. My supporters mean a lot to me, so I really want to mean a lot to them in return. The bigger picture for my brand extends far past just music so I'm optimistic for the future.

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