Interview: Brooklyn Based Rap Artist CIG 40

CIG 40 interview

CIG 40 is a Brooklyn based rap artist who recently dropped a DOPE new single entitled "Got The Drink", which served as our "DOPEST of the Week" featured track last week. We connected with the emcee to discuss the legacy of Brooklyn rappers and how he sustains it, how his brother's death has affected his music, his goals for the rest of 2017 and much more.

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You come from the borough of Brooklyn where so many legends of the rap game have emerged, from Big Daddy Kane, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, and the list goes on and on. Do you feel some sort of responsibility through your music to keep that legacy alive?

I think my music will keep the legacy alive by the way I put it together. I feel like my sound is just like a Jay Z or Notorious Big, not lyrically but that raw Brooklyn aesthetic. I'm from BK so you know I got to pay respect.

With "Got The Drink" on the loose and two remixes on the way, what are your goals for the track in terms of keeping your fans happy as well as establishing new supporters?

My goals for this song are high, I feel like it's a good song that fits any season. All year around everybody likes to drink and I know how to keep my fans happy with good music. When you hear my music, it's hard to stop your body from moving naturally. When I say I got the drink on me right now and I know what she thinking. I'm really trying to help here reach her internal goals at that moment.

CIG 40 music

Sorry for your loss in regards to your brother Pretty Pistols. How has his death impacted you as an artist?

Damn his death is crazy! But it helped me in a good way, it put fire in my eyes end from there I was like lets get to work. I come from a hood full of great rappers and my brothers death did inspire me to want this more than anything because I know he wanted to.

Will we be hearing "Got The Drink" on an upcoming mixtape, EP, or LP some time soon? And what's up with a video for it?

We just shot a video for it and you can find it on when its drops.

With 2017 half way past, what are your goals musically for the remainder of the year?

Working on the EP right now and it's going to be real good. Good music makes you want to party and dance.

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