Interview: Brooklyn Based Rapper and Producer SAZE Talks About His New Album "Glass Bullet"

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New Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based indie alternative hip-hop producer and recording artist SAZE has created his own blueprint. With his latest release, “Glass Bullet” he puts forth an exercise in vulnerability, building on SAZE’s unique approach to hip-hop production, fusing in elements of indie rock, electronica, trap, and psychedelic textures, all carried by his distinct and dynamic approach to both rapping and singing.

We connected with SAZE for an exclusive interview to discuss the “Glass Bullet” album, his creative process in its development, the DOPE cover artwork and much more.

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Congratulations on the completion and release of your new album "Glass Bullet". Tell us about the title itself; what does it represent?

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So, the "glass" in "Glass Bullet" represents transparency, honesty, vulnerability and beauty. The "bullet" is symbolic of having aim and a desire to hit your targeted goals, while also being potentially dangerous as well as having the potential to spark a revolution. All of these traits are very much linked to my own personality and my own role as a human being, I feel that many humans can relate.

How long did the album take to complete overall and did you self-produce it?

The album took about a year to create, though I produced some of the beats that ended up on the project a fair amount in advance. I did all the production and engineering on the album, I had some guest guitarists along the way as well and some guest keys on "Shaky Shaky". I had the album mastered professionally in Manhattan though. Check in with the Engine Room.

Describe your creative process when it came to the songs for the album. Were there tracks that did not make the cut? If so, why?

It was important to take my time during the process while crafting this album. I had more of a luxury of time than ever before since I had constructed my own studio in my house for this project. I typically worked during the night that way I could use my colorful light to work on music while engaging my synesthesia, and I just made sure to take the time to push myself to try new things, especially because I wasn't at the mercy of an expensive NYC recording budget.

Yes, there were songs cut from the project, a good amount actually. I wanted to trim the record down to just 10 songs to make a more concentrated and streamlined project, especially in an era where everyone is releasing bloated projects full of redundant filler.

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If you had to describe the "Glass Bullet" album to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

It's an eccentric, dark and blissful affair.

Tell us about the cover of the album. Who did the artwork and would does it symbolize?

Chia Lynn Kwa did the cover for this album, she actually does all my graphic design. I came to her with the concept behind glass bullet and we felt that having me naked, screaming in agony atop the glass bullet right on the front cover would effectively communicate the raw, exposed, viscerally emotive sentiments behind the album.

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