Interview: Brooklyn Based Rapper King Gamble

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Our next exclusive interview is with Brooklyn based rap artist King Gamble whose video "Turn You On", we recently featured in the New Videos section. During our Q&A we asked King Gamble about his creative process for "Turn You On", when we can expect his upcoming project "The King's Experience", how he stays motivated as a lyrically inclined NYC based artist during the trap/mumble era and much more.

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Tell us about your name "King Gamble". What does the moniker mean to you?

Well my middle name is Akeem. The meaning of it is “wise” or “insightful”. Growing up my grandmother used to call me King instead of Keem so that part kind of stayed with me throughout my life. Plus I honestly believe we are all kings and our women are queens so we should carry ourselves as such. 

Before I made my first song I was very afraid and nervous about what people would think about my material. I took a risk on it... a Gamble really and it paid off in the long run. 

Describe your creative process for "Turn You On", the song itself and for the video. Who produced the song and how did you and the director come up with the treatment?

The creative process for “Turn you on” was insanely easy once I heard the beat. The track is Produced by Tony Sway and as soon as I heard the drum pattern I instantly thought “Can't You See” Total/Big 90s RnB. 

As far as the video I wanted to step away from the one dimensional videos that we are sadly accustomed to seeing. Initially a casting for the shoot was held for one model and we ended up with an entire dope cast. Everyone loved the song first listen so once we locked in the models the rest was history. 

What can you tell us about the "The Kings Experience", which you mentioned that "Turn You On" is a part of? Is this project out now? If not, when can we expect it?

The King’s Experience will be out this summer of 2018. I don’t really want to give an exact date because I still am in the final stages of tweaking some songs. Summer 2018 you can look forward to the project for sure. 

What keeps you motivated as an emerging NYC based artist, especially these days where it's becoming more evident that the typical rap fan doesn't care about lyrics, which is something that Brooklyn's legendary rappers have been known for?

It’s very interesting this day and age being a lyricist. We are slowly getting back into lyrics thanks to a couple artists but It’s clearly more of a trap/mumble era right now. My motivation comes from exactly that. I love converting over listeners that usually won’t listen to lyrics or storytelling and get them to appreciate the art form. I love all type of music but I’m more so about the lyrics, punchlines and overall picture painting when creating my music. 

Tell us about your goals musically for the remainder of 2018?

Lord willing something will come to the table but in the meantime my goals for 2018 is just to present my passion to the world as an unsigned artist. 

I spent a lot of time playing the back skirts getting my life together personally. Now that things are connected and clicking in ready to put it projects, visuals and try to play a part in restoring that “feeling” of good music. 

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