Interview: Bülow Discusses Her New Single "Not A Love Song" and EP "Damaged, Vol. 1"


Bülow is a 17 year old singer from The Netherlands who just released a very DOPE three song EP called "Damaged, Vol. 1". The first single from the EP, "Not A Love Song", is one we featured on DCWS last week, along with several other leading music websites such as Noisey and Pigeons and Planes. It's clear that Bülow is an emerging musical talent on the rise. We connected with Bülow for an exclusive interview and asked her about the new EP, whether we'll see a visual for a song from the EP, her experience in The Netherlands, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new EP "Damaged Vol. 1" and the first single "Not A Love Song". Did you expect the amount of accolades you have received from so many publications and music blogs like ours and Pigeons and Planes, and Noisey, thus far? 

Thank you so much! I never expected this kind of reaction or attention. I’m honestly so blown away by the response, and don’t have words to describe my week.  

How did you and Mike Wise connect to develop the first single "Not A Love Song"?

I met Mike Wise through some friends in Toronto. He’s crazy talented, I really enjoyed creating this track with him. 

Tell us about the title of the EP -- Damaged Vol. 1. What is the significance behind the title and does it mean that we can expect a Vol. 2? 

It’ll be clear when Vol. 2 comes out. You’ll just have to wait and see ;) 

Do you plan to shoot an official video for one or each of the songs on the EP?

Yes, it’s funny because I never really thought that far ahead. I didn’t think this many people would have already heard it. I’ve got some ideas, and will be making a video soon.   

Most people think that you are Dutch; but you are not. How did you end up in The Netherlands and how has your experience there helped you grow as an artist?

Yeah! It’s funny how that caught on. I ended up in the Netherlands because of my Dad’s job. Through living in the Netherlands, I have definitely become more independent, and know exactly what I want, which is a future in music.  

Tell us about your creative process when it comes to songwriting. Do you prefer to be in a quiet place with your pen and pad (or iPhone)? Also, what do you look for in the instrumentals that you write to?

When I’m writing I need a quiet place, and I usually write on guitar. I’ve been starting to learn how to play the piano as well which is new and strange for me. It’s fun to learn a new instrument, it often leads me to completely different ideas. 

With the new EP out and your name on so many people's lips right now, what's next for you?

I will be graduating from high school in 2018 and moving out to Toronto, which will give me so much more time to devote to music. I plan on spending the new year travelling and creating music that I love.

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