Interview: Cape Town Based Artist Teyar Flow


We connected with Cape Town, South Africa based artist Teyar Flow for an exclusive interview to discuss his new video “Fade Away”, his motivation to create the song itself, the Hip-Hop music scene in South Africa for emerging talent and much more.

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Congrats on your new song and video for "Fade Away". Who produced the song and who directed the visuals?

Thanks so much! The track was produced by Thai Beats and Mixed by David at Antimotion Studios. The visuals were directed/edited by Duran Levinson ( Vocals recorded by me.

What motivated you to create the “Fade Away” song initially?

2018 has been a mad year with so many talented new artists passing. This song was inspired by the passing of X, peep and Mac Miller.

Will "Fade Away" be a part of an upcoming EP or album? If so, what can you tell us about it?

ATM I'm just working on releasing as many new tracks as possible. An EP is defs on the cards, but at the moment I'm working on with new singles with some producers globally.

Describe the Hip-Hop/Rap music scene in South Africa for homegrown, emerging talent.

For me I'm not too sure. I'm very new to this scene and spend most my time/all my time writing and recording. Maybe in a few months/years I can get back to you on this haha.

Finish this sentence -- “In 2019, people will say that Teyar Flow…”

In 2019, people will say that Teyar Flow was slept on.

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