Interview: Christian Hip-Hop Artist Mista Crain Discusses His New Video "1 a.m. in El Paso"

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We connected with El Paso, TX based Christian Hip-Hop artist Mista Crain for an exclusive Q&A to discuss his new video “1 a.m. in El Paso”, find out what motivated him to initially write the song, as well as what he enjoys most about performing live, his goals for 2019, and much more.

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What does the descriptor “Christian Hip-Hop artist” mean to you?

An artist who intentionally glorifies Christ in his music and lifestyle. An unashamed Christian who delivers the good news.

Salute to you for the song “1 a.m. in El Paso” and the release of its video. What initially motivated you to write this song and why did you choose to create visuals for it?

“1 a.m. in El Paso” was birthed on my return flight from Chicago, Illinois where my employer sent us to attend the ISTE conference. While there, I performed at the House of Blues for 3,000 plus people and I could not stop thinking about how incredible that felt. It hurt me to return home and go back to doing my 9-5. Therefore, the song is a reflection and conversation with God. After recording the trumpets and trombones, I knew we need a dark type visual with a story to fully express the intent behind the lyrics. I’m happy with the outcome. Shout out Star City Studios and Joe Ines in El Paso, Texas.

Why would you say that your message of trusting in God is important for today’s Hip-Hop listener, or just people in general?

I love the expression “Know God, Know Peace”. There is nothing wrong with having faith. Once we realize we are all connected and it is bigger than I the individual am; it is important to seek guidance and find our purpose. Regardless of what may go on in the world, if we trust in him we know that all things work together for our good.

You’ve performed at a lot of great events over the past year or two, including the House of Blues, Dee 1 Slingshot David Tour, and the Urban Network Digital Conference. What do you enjoy most about performing for an audience and do you have a favorite song to perform?

I love the energy of the crowd and connecting with each individual attendee from the stage. It is great when you come in there unknown and leave with new fans. My favorite song to perform is “I’m Wrong You’re Right” because it is personal and has several sections where I do a call and response with the crowd.

2018 is almost a wrap; what are your goals musically for 2019?

Goals for 2019 include releasing three projects, a million or more streams, selling more merchandise and five collaborations with my peers who may have a broader audience than myself.

Finish this sentence - “When someone listens to a Mista Crain song, I want them to…”

Love it so much they keep it on repeat and recite the lyrics and enlist in the faith or feel encouraged in their walk.

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