Interview: Colorado Springs Based Rap Artist Bug-Z


Bug-Z is a Colorado Springs, Colorado based rap artist who just dropped a brand new video entitled "Sake". We connected with Bug-Z for an exclusive interview to find out more about the visual, his motivations to pick up the pen and pad in the first place, the music scene in Colorado Springs, and much more. 

After reading our Q&A with Bug-Z, be sure to follow him on his social media streams and stay tuned because we believe he'll be doing big things in 2018. 

Congratulations on your new music video "Sake"; it looked like the shoot was a lot of fun. How did you and your team come up with the video treatment and who directed it?

The idea for geisha themed video shoot was inspired @ Playhouse Night Club (Hollywood, CA) on Halloween. I was invited out by a club promoter I know, model @ his table was Spanish yet wearing a kimono. I decided to book Airbnb in downtown Denver to film (With Permission) I found all vehicles online (Private Seller) and I rented them.  I work as Prop Director/Location coordinator on all of my visuals. Yet was filmed by only videographer I trust @JAngelVisuals in 4k with stabilization & drones. I ordered Postmates for the Sushi/Food & bought as many bottles of Sake as possible (Liquor Store) Amazon was/is my best friend! The giant panda in video was nearly $100.00 alone. I must of ordered dozens of amazon packages of Props for shoot. Props are VERY important to me.

I hired THC Girl Models and IG Models I knew along with "Friends" etc to cast my Geisha's. I wear AAPE by A Bathing Ape and BAPE/Gucci in video to go along with my lyrical content. Once again visuals are very important to me!

Will we hear "Sake" on an upcoming mixtape or EP in early 2018?

Sake is a single release. I plan to push it as a single. I plan to devote year or longer to promoting it by itself, blowing it up as a single. Similar like Fetty Wap did Trap Queen with Nitt Da Gritt & RGF Productions/Island.

Tell us about how you got to this point as an artist? How long have you been rapping and what initially motivated you to pick up the pen and pad?

Funny you say pen & pad. I've been writing lyrics since I was a child. In a Group Home. Would be punished and have to sit in hallway from wake up til bed. All I had was pencil and paper and I couldn't draw. Was heavily influenced by Eminem. Slim Shady LP. Yet get spelling of my name from Jay-Z, Bug-Z has been branded into my right arm since I was 10 years old by my friend "Taz" he had same brand with his name. I wanted nickname that was a Looney Toon with a Z on the end. Bug-Z. later in life found out about Bugsy Malone, Bugsy Calhoun and most importantly Bugsy Siegel.

I'm a certified audio engineer. I've been making music my entire life now. My mom used to work in nightclubs when I was little. She used to take me to work with her. The DJ would make mix tapes. I would know all the words and impress all my moms friends rapping lyrics etc. I've always been a fan of hip hop since day 1 and music.

As a kid I loved Montell Jordan This is How We Do It, and honestly one of first groups I ever heard was Salt-N-Peppa (Thanks Mom)

Describe the music scene for Hip-Hop in Colorado Springs; do locals support the artists in the area?

I'm in a transplant to Colorado. I came here for the "Green Rush" etc. I have a lot of fans, but the HATE IS REAL. Black Balling/Sneak Dissing etc...

I am trying to blow up on national level and force feed my music down their throats. I love Colorado, I love my fans. F*** anyone else!

What do you look forward to the most in 2018 as an artist?

I look forward to the biggest single debut of my career, celebrity features, million video hits, record deal and or becoming financially successful as a indie artist.

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