Interview: Connecticut Based Rap Group High Karup$hin

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DCWS has connected with High Karup$hin, a rap trio on the rise out of West Haven, Connecticut for an exclusive interview. Comprised of cousins Slurge, Phantom, and Txgh Dye, High Karup$hin just dropped the visuals to their song "Run It Up" so it's only right that we pick their brains about what the future holds for the group, their creative process, the Hip-Hop music scene in West Haven and much more.

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You three aren't just a rap group, you're cousins. How did you come together to form High Karup$hin?

We always been close because we was brought up in the same neighborhood, so we were around each other everyday the energy was automatically there, it came to a point where we wanted to elevate our lives and start living better, so our family could start living better, and we knew music was the way to go, as time went on our passion grew. We're nowhere where we want to be but I can feel our time is coming.

What does the name High Karup$hin mean?

Usually when your corrupted, or causing corruption, you're drawing attention in many negative ways. We wanted High Karup$hin to mean the same thing but be the total opposite, instead of putting out bad energy we wanted to replace it with good, to draw everyone to us thru our music. Anyway we believe as people we’re all corrupted in our own way.

Where in Connecticut are you based and what's the Hip-Hop music scene like there?

We're from West Haven, CT raised in project housings called Meadowbrook, also known as “the brook”. From the 203 area to the 860 area there’s talent, and feel this will be a good year for CT artists.

Tell us about the experience of filming "Run It Up" across the various locations in NYC. How did you decide on which spots to shoot at? 

We wanted to film the video at night and have a lot of lighting, so we picked locations in Manhattan that glowed at night. Our videographer gave us a lead way to various locations since we weren't all that familiar with the area. We spent three days in Manhattan shooting the video and barely got any sleep. We had to move at a fast pace going from one location to the next.

How do you go about selecting beats to write to and how do you know that a song you've been working on is completely done? 

When it comes to beat selection we are not picky because we experiment a lot with different sounds when recording, only of lately we’ve been holding back of being to different because we wanna give the crowd what they wanna hear. While recording our last project two years ago we didn’t care about what the people want we only made what sounds good to us, but that’ll only take you but so far when you can’t relate to everyone.

When recording we won’t always know if a song is done. It’s been times we will tell ourselves that the song is done and later on go back to the studio and add more to it or take stuff out. 

Tell us about your upcoming project that "Run It Up" will be a featured track" on. Do you have an ideal release date for it? 

Our LP “Guerrilla Glue” is expected to drop in July, but as of now we don’t have a set date. The project will have 11 songs and only feature us three. The meaning behind this project is to show people that we haven’t gone anywhere, and that we took our time off from music to only comeback at this moment, back and better, and stronger, with a change of sound. This is a project that everyone is going to vibe with no matter who you are or what your music preference is. It will have a sound for everyone’s ears.

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