Interview: Connecticut Rapper Vzathegreat Discusses His Debut Album "No House Calls"

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We connected with Groton, Connecticut based rapper Vzathegreat for an exclusive interview to discuss his recently released debut album “No House Calls” (read our review here). During our conversation with Vzathegreat, we found out why he chose to not have any featured artists on the album, what the album title means, his musical goals for the rest of 2019, and much more.

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Congratulations of the release of your new album "No House Calls". Tell us about what you're most proud of with this project.

I think what I'm most proud of is the sonic cohesion and thematic transparency of the project. The songs fit together and the message and the main theme is pretty easy to grasp in my opinion. There’s multiple meanings to the project but the big one is obvious upon one or two listens.


You mentioned the concerted effort to not have any featured artists on the album; why did you decide that?

As my debut project, I felt it was necessary to not only familiarize people with my style and voice, but to tell my story. This album is all about ups and downs within my head and the best way to accurately depict that is through my own words. In my mind, I had to do it on my own to establish myself as an artist and to tell the story I wanted to tell.

What does the album title "No House Calls" mean specifically?

"No House Calls" is a reference to how doctors used to make house calls to patients whenever they were feeling sick or whatever. My spin on that is no house calls, meaning the problems I face within my own head are not treatable.

Also, it refers to me not being able to get better if I continue down a destructive path. I can’t be checked out by a doctor and get better if I don’t leave my house, with the house representing my comfort with destructive behavior and my refusal to leave that comfort zone of coping with different things with substances.

Third thing it kind of hints at is just me ranting to a doctor about my emotions or whatever. Typical depression shit.

With "No House Calls" out now, what are some of your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

I gotta start hitting bigger numbers with my songs I release. With bigger numbers comes more reach and opportunity, and I'm nothing if I cant help someone in some way as an artist. I've released two songs so far and they've done jack shit because I'm ass at promoting. So I guess my goal is getting better at promo.

Were there songs that you recorded for the album that you decided not to include? If so, why did they not make the final cut?

Hell yeah. There were definitely songs that got cut. There were two or three completely different songs and an interlude that I trashed (probably more I'm forgetting about). Not only were they just not good enough songs, but they didn't sonically fit what i was going for.

One of them, called “Fader”, I actually released awhile back but I made the link private because the second verse is kinda trash. It's all part of the process though.

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