Interview: Criss Jrumz Discusses His New Video "REIGN" and What We Can Expect From Him in 2018

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Back to DCWS is rap artist and Soul Ground Productions representative Criss Jrumz with an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released video "REIGN", how moving from NY to Florida influenced his lyrical content, and much more. 

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How would you say moving from NY to Florida influenced your lyrical content?

Peace. Well, I spent most of my childhood back and forth from NY to Florida which allowed me to see so much and have many different perspectives on music and life. That process helped me a lot with understanding the culture and how diverse the art form could be. It taught me how to interpret and how to be accepting of many different styles of music, which in turn, helped me to perfect my own craft as well. 

Hailing from the Bronx where Hip-Hop was birthed, as an emcee, tell us about the pressures of creating music and content.

Being from the Bronx, I definitely understand how one could get caught up in those hometown pressures. Me, personally, I don't get that deep into it. I love my city. I'm honored and proud of where I'm from, but at the end of the day, it's the music that matters the most and the connection you are able to have with the people. That's my focus. My job is to give you my perspective and be as transparent as possible with the vibes and music I'm putting out. I have the same pressures as anyone else. I've got bills and people to feed just like you. And that's what my content is all about. Just being honest. 

You sent us a very dope visual. Tell us what your ultimate goal was behind the shooting of the  video, “REIGN”.

Appreciate that. REIGN is a single off my upcoming project coming later this year. I felt like I had a lot to get off my chest at the time. I felt like I had to introduce myself and the team, Soul Ground Productions, and lay down the foundation for what's to come. I've been working really hard the past year to create some great content and this track allowed me to just let loose. Some was written and some was not. I was more concerned with the feeling than the actual words. This was how I wanted to start off the year and get everyone ready for what's next. "This ain't the kind of Ground to spill liquor on..."

Who are some of the people you consider an inspiration that helped paved a way for you?  

Many influences. Too many to name. The most important ones are my parents. My family. The people who kept it real with me all the way up to this point. The ones who believed in me. As far as hip hop goes, I admire and cherish all the greats. Your Biggies, PACs, HOVs, Nas, etc. Those are our teachers. There's a huge divide in rap right now due to age, style, popularity, etc. I just think people need to study more and be more accepting. Go back and do some research. It doesn't hurt to know your history and keep the culture pushing forward at the same time. You'll be surprised at how many similarities you'll find. 

What is next for you and your brand and what can we expect from you in 2018?

Right now connecting with the people is the main goal. Be on the lookout for lots of new material coming from the Soul Ground camp. New music, features, shows. Everyone can follow me @crissjrumz and @soul_ground_productions for all the latest updates. And y'all can expect the full length project to drop this year as well. Stay tuned.

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