Interview: Dance Pop Singer-Songwriter Grace Valerie

Grace Valerie

Grace Valerie is a chart topping Dance Pop sensation and acclaimed songwriter originally from Russia whose latest video "See How We Run" is an upbeat, lively and addictive visual that we featured last month. We connected with this talented artist and performer to find out how she got her start as a singer-songwriter, how she would describe her music to a stranger in three words, her goals for the remainder of 2017 and much more.

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How did you get your start as a singer-songwriter? And have you always focused on Dance/Pop as the genre of music you create? 

I wanted to be a singer since a little girl. I was fascinated by performers and music instruments. As I grew older, I would take piano and vocal lessons and play around with different sound. But pop and dance music were always my fav!

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?  

Groovy, sexy and fun

Tell us about a typical Grace Valerie live performance? And what do you enjoy most about being on stage in front of an audience? 

Every live show is different due to many factors : venue, band or DJ, dancers or solo, the crowd, city, country etc. 

I always give my all and try to gift poeple as much light and fun I possibly can! I love to interact with the crowd and get them to dance and enjoy themselves. 

Which one song from you catalog would you say personifies you the most as an artist? 

I think "See How We Run" 

How did you connect with Brandon Hall Paddock to create your single and latest visual "See How We Run"? 

He is a good friend of Klaupex who produced the track. He also recorded my vocals for "Magic" so I absolutely love working with him and Alan Notkin 

If you were stuck on a deserted island and only had access to one album to listen to until your rescue, which album would you select?  

Beyonce "I am ... Sasha Fierce". 

What are your musical goals for the remainder of 2017? 1. How did you get your start as a singer-songwriter? And have you always focused on Dance/Pop as the genre of music you create? 

My goal is to write and record more music. Working on a full EP. When I wrote my first song - I just started pouring my heart on the paper. And I kept writing and perfecting my thoughts and rhymes. And this is how I created "Magic" and "See How We Run"; I have always pictured myself in Pop / Dance world. However the sky is the limit. 

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