Interview: DCWS Connects With Rxdio To Discuss His New Single "Noam Chomsky"

Rxdio is a Los Angeles based rap artist who just released the very DOPE and thought provoking single "Noam Chomsky". We connected with Rxdio for this exclusive Q&A to find out who has influenced his music, how the "Noam Chomsky" track came about, how he stands out from the other rap artists in Los Angeles, and much more. After reading this interview, be sure to follow Rxdio on his social media streams and Soundcloud and tell your peeps about this talented emcee who is steadily taking the rap game to the next level. 

Coming from LA, surrounded by the great music of so many different types of rap artists, groups and collectives, from Black Hippy, The Game, to Tyler the Creator, who were some of your influences when you started rapping initially?

DJ Quick and west side connection from the west.  Raphael Saddiq is one of my favorite artists period. Kanye West, of course. The whole Rocafella camp. Blackstar. Musiq. Kid Cudi is an inspiration. Tyler the Creator is a genius. Eminem and Ab Soul. And Rome Fortune is one of my favorite current artists. 

To follow up on that question, how do you stand out from your fellow rap artists in the Los Angeles area? 

I make music that makes people get out of their comfort zone and fucking THINK. When people see my shows they either love it or are like "what the fuck just happened?" A lot of what I do as a person goes way over niggas heads. I stand out like a floating lawn chair on an empty corner selling pcp to a coke dealer's bail bondsman. 

Tell us about the "Noam Chomsky" track, produced by BLVCK VMISH; why did you select that instrumental and how long did it take for you to write your verses?

I made that song in like half an hour. The homie Dev from BLVCK VMISH had just sent a new batch of beats. That one just stood out. The song is really to get niggas to go look up Noam Chomsky on their own. My verses are about overcoming obstacles and shit. 

Can we expect to hear "Noam Chomsky" as part of an EP, mixtape or album in the near future?

Maybe, I'm not sure. I can say that I am working on project w the BLVCK VMISH crew. What's going on it is still up in the air till the deadline. 

To all of our readers who haven't heard a Rxdio track beyond "Noam Chomsky", why should they explore your musical catalog and follow you from now on?

I make pretty babies and good music. 

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