Interview: Derick Knox Talks About His New Single "Twilight" and Spiritual Freedom

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Derick Knox is a talented and insightful rap artist from Upper Darby, PA along the outskirts of Philadelphia, with whom we’ve connected with for an exclusive interview. He recently released his track “Twilight” after a year away from music, so we wanted to pick his brain about the new song, why the topic of “spiritual freedom” is important to him, what 2019 holds for him musically, and much more.

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Describe your creative process when it comes to developing new music. Do you generally decide on a beat before you start writing lyrics or does it depend on the situation?

Generally the beat comes first. The music just hits me and everything falls into place from there. I'm always thinking up hella lyrics throughout the day though, so I just save them to my phone till I hear something that they fit with, energy-wise. The real creative process is just living. I can go a while without writing sometimes, just letting the day by day inspire me.

Congrats on your new track "Twilight"; it's a very dope track with a message that needs to be projected more. What motivated you to write this track? Who produced it?

A year away from official releases gave me a lot of time to just develop and fall into rhythm with the art of music. This track was built off of the pent up creativity and really tells what this past year has been for me spiritually. I knew I wanted to rap over something that felt organic so I had been listening to a lot of beats that incorporated live instruments. On YouTube I came across this instrumental by Secret Stash and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Why is the topic of "spiritual freedom" important for you to discuss in your songs' lyrics?

Growing up in this generation (I'm 21) I had to watch a lot of kids turn into robots. I see a lot of people living in darkness and just kind of imprisoning themselves, through electronics, toxic relationships, greed, and everything that we swore we could never fall for.

Shit I figure if people aren't gonna be honest with themselves then I'll just work double time. I don't know what this life is, and so I'm willing to put myself and my journey out there in hopes that it inspires other people to live for something greater. There is so much more to life than anyone could tell us.

Do you ever find it discouraging or difficult to write about positivity in your music, especially when the most popular songs that are promoted are completely opposite?

Highkey, lol. When I hear some ignorant shit blow up it used to make me second guess myself. But then I just think about how many people have thanked me for what I do. Everything is not for everyone. Party music is popular because we need stuff to dance to, I feel that. But music that touches your soul is rare and irreplaceable. That's what I'm aiming for; I want to change lives. I don't see anyone listing these recent artists in their top 5s.

With 2018 coming to a close, what does 2019 hold for you musically?

2019 is gonna be beautiful. Expect a musical project or two. No one has really heard the full extent of my range but I've been experimenting with a lot of new sounds and I'm happy to say that this is the best space have been in artistically. I have in my mind to push the boundaries of my craft and it's finally time to let it show. My supporters will be so grateful for the wait.

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