Interview: DMV Rap Artist Peter Wil$on Discusses His New Music Video "Tooned In"


Peter Wil$on is a DMV based rap artist and founder of the Problem Clique Music Group (PCMG) and just dropped a brand new music video entitled "Tooned In". We connected with the talented emcee to find out more about the visual, the PCMG, what he's got in store for the rest of 2017 and beyond and much more.

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Tell us about the track and visual for "Tooned In". Who produced the song itself and who directed the video? Also, why did you select this song to create a video for?

"Tooned In" is a meaningful track to me. It's the first song I wrote that I immediately knew I had something special. Curtis Williams of Two-9 made the instrumental: I hit him up on IG and he gave me his blessing to use the beat. The video was directed by Marleaux Desire, who helped me perfectly capture the feeling of cruising around my town, showing a different side of the DMV. 

Can we expect to find "Tooned In" as part of an upcoming EP, mixtape or album? If so, what's the name of the project and projected release date? 

"Tooned In" was the lead single off my first EP, "dREamALITY", which released for free on SoundCloud last September. 

It took me a year to find the right videographer to capture my vision for the visual and bring it to life. The other reason it took so long was I had to take a step back from putting out all the content I had planned to release due to some health issues. But I'm back to full strength and have a ton of new content dropping to end 2017. 

Tell us about the Problem Clique Music Group and how you fit into the organization? 

The Clique is a group of creative minds looking to push the envelope in music. We don't conform to the norms of the music industry or society at large and a lot of people have a problem with how we live, hence the name "Problem Clique". We do and say what we want, and won't ever feel bad for living our lives the way we see fit. 

You only get one life, so really live it...

"The Clique" currently consists of myself, my manager Ethan, producers C-Lo and TrippyPizza, photographers Ash and Syd, and my whole squad from the avenue. Also can't forget my sound engineer, Calin Enache from District Sound Lab.

At PCMG, we are always looking to work with other creatives in the DMV and around the world, and are constantly seeking to expand the Clique and add new members with diverse talents. We are currently looking to link with DJ's, promoters, producers, models, vocalists, photographers, and videographers to join the Clique. If you can handle a lot of smoke and drank and like to party and have a good time, you'll probably fit in with our crew. #199X

Contact problemcliquemusic@gmail for upcoming opportunities. 

What are your thoughts about Hip-Hop scene in Maryland and the DMV overall, especially with artists like Goldlink and Logic showcasing what the region has to offer. Where do you fit in? 

The DMV has the most underrated talent in the world, hands down. Artists like Logic, Wale, King Los, Raheem Devaughn, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz have shown it's possible for local artists from the DMV to make it big and they all have done it differently: there isn't one path or way to success in this industry. 

Our local scene is a hotbed of upcoming talent. Artists like GoldLink, Lightshow, Phil Ade, IDK, Shy Glizzy, Fat Trel, WillThaRapper, Chaz French, Rob Regal, Global Dan, Dope Music Village, Ace Cosgrove, Sherif Mattar, and many others are really pushing music forward in the DMV. There are so many different styles and sounds, which is what I think makes the music scene here so dope.
I think my fit is changing perceptions with my music. I'm a white rapper from an affluent community so most people make a lot of assumptions just based off that. But if you listen to my music, you can get to know me deeper than just what you see... I might just surprise you. 

What are your goals for the remainder of 2017 and where do you plan to take your music in 2018?

I have a bunch of content coming out this fall and winter to end the year. I'm releasing a YouTube/Instagram video series called "Gone In :60" with a new video every couple weeks, I have a new single coming out soon with visuals for that track as well. I'm also coming out with the visuals to my banger  "The Hold Up" to end the year. So stay tooned for all of that over these next 3 months. 

You already know I got a few tracks in the cut for 2018, and I'm working on two new tapes including my first full length project.

We're making major moves behind the scenes: "plotting and scheming, waiting patiently for perfect timing

It's time to give the Faded Future what they've been waiting for... 

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