Interview: DMV Rapper Jay Flame Talks About His Single/Video "Bong Trap" and Album "Silk Sheets & Leather Seats”

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Shout out to Laurel, MD based rapper/producer Jay Flame who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss the visual for his track “Bong Trap”. This track appears on Jay Flame’s album “Silk Sheets & Leather Seats” and we’ve got that ready for you to stream below, after you read our Q&A with him, of course. Also, be sure to connect with Jay Flame on his social media so you’ll know when he’ll be dropping more DOPE music!

Tell us about the development of your song "Bong Trap" and why you decided to shoot a video for it.

“Bong Trap” was one of the last songs done for the album. I needed something a little more up beat but not to hard and this just fit. The real crazy part is the verses were done first and we had maybe 3 versions of the hook until we landed on the one we used. We played around with this song a lot.

I decided to shoot the video because it’s one of my favorite songs on the album, and I love the vibe of the song.

"Bong Trap" appears on your album "Silk Sheets & Leather Seats”; what are you most proud of with this project?

I experimented with my sound a lot with this album. If you listen to my previous projects they are mostly up tempo beats, loud bass, and just fun music. With “SSLS” I wanted to try a different lane. Slow it up a little, keep the bass, tell stories and just vibe out a little more. So if anything I would say this is my most well rounded album so far.

When someone listens to your album for the first time, what do want them to take away from the experience?

I want people to feel like they can put my music in the deck and just hit play and keep it on repeat. I’m here to make good music not follow what’s hot for the moment. So when you hear me, I don’t sound like anyone and my music stands out.

What are your thoughts about the Hip-Hop scene in the DMV area in terms of support from the locals and the opportunities to grow your fan bases?

The Hip-Hop scene in the DMV can always be better as far as support but the opportunities are there if you take advantage of them.

What are your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

Musically I want to release more videos, and music and continue growing my fan base. Fame is not the goal. Reaching as many people as I can just so they can have some hot shit to listen to.

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