Interview: Don Jovani Discusses His Music Video "M.O.H Part 2" and Boston Hip-Hop

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We connected with Boston based rap artist Don Jovani for an exclusive Q&A to discuss his latest video “M.O.H Part 2” as well as the Hip-Hop music scene in Boston, what he’s got coming next, and what he would change about Hip-Hop if he could snap his fingers like Thanos.

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We consider Boston as Hip-Hop's best kept secret since we get so many submissions from Boston area based artists. What is the Hip-Hop music scene like for emerging artists such as yourself? Are locals supportive of homegrown talent?

For a Boston area artist, what we lack in music business infrastructure, we make-up for with our talent. It's an untapped mine of creativity waiting to be discovered. That's my best way of describing it without going too in depth. Locals are supportive of homegrown talent but just aren't as aware of the local homegrown talent to support, so the limited awareness materializes as limited support. This also leads to Boston being kept as a secret, the lack of labels and capital being put into the music makes it harder to be seen or heard. Not that any of this is an excuse, but with that being said, it makes the approach to music as a Boston area artist a more pure one because they are in love with the art at first as opposed to the money.

What inspired you to write "M.O.H Part 2"? Also, who produced the song's instrumental?

Well the actual song to “Man Of The House” is a collab with friend/artist Dwayne Nate. He has the first verse/part 1, I'm on the second verse/part 2, and the last verse/ part 3 will have us both. My homie Dwayne came to me with the beat; it was produced by DownTown Beatz. It was different than usual for me and that's what caught my attention. I came with my parts for the song immediately, they were my mottos in life that I was trying to bring through to the music. Being the man of the house, manning up/bossing up and providing for myself and my loved ones. And also now or never, as in it's time to get it now, I'd rather go after my dreams now than to never go after going after it at all.

Who directed the video and would you say that the boxing gym is a symbol and represents something?

The video was directed by Harvard 4K, a very very talented videographer out of the Boston area. I feel honored to say he did my first music video. Aside from the work I plan on doing with him, I see him being legendary in the game.

What was really special to me about this video is that I did it as my usual gym and did my usual workout. This gym is my real gym, I'm a boxing head and it represents my real life, me showing people who I really am. This video is Extra-Ordinary as opposed to out of the ordinary, I didn't have to get out of character and try to be something I'm not, I was me, and it was cool. I wanted that to also show through as the message, that it's just cool to be you.

Me working in the gym represents me working in real life. I'm building myself and getting ready until it's my time.

Do you have a mixtape, EP or album in the works for this year? If so, what can you tell us about it?

I definitely have some things in the works. "M.O.H Part 2" was my first music video; I also just dropped my first solo single "Let It Go" and I can tell you that the track is CRAZY! haha, but for real starting the year off with my first video and first single is just the beginning of me trying to build up my brand and its a great start. I feel good leading with this video and I feel good leading with this song "Let It Go" for the year. I also can't wait to keep following up and build the momentum to the EP.

If you had the power of the Infinity gauntlet like Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and could change one thing about Hip-Hop, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about hip-hop with the Infinity gauntlet right now, easy, I'd just make a hack so that everyone in the world is automatically following me on social media and when I drop my songs they would all see it. Would make things muchhhhhh easier for me haha!

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