Interview: Flatbush, Brooklyn Rapper RJ Bagger Talks About Her New Album "Servings"

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We connected with Flatbush, Brooklyn based female rapper RJ Bagger for an exclusive interview to discuss her newly released album “Servings”. We also got a chance to pick her brain about which song on the album reflects her the most as an artist, whether there were songs recorded that didn’t make the final tracklist, how Flashbush is represented in her music, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your debut album "Servings"; tell us about the album's title. What does it mean to you?

Well, the project is actually my first tape I ever dropped and I wanted to showcase my range and diversity, so “Servings” really means a lot of things. I’m giving you flavor and I’m giving you choices, a dope selection and I’m also just serving up the competition so yea lol

If you had to select one song on the project that personifies or represents you the most as an emcee, which would you select?

That one is tough because it’s a tie between “Can i Get Uh” and “Butterknife Freestyle” mostly because they both are like the two sides of me when I create music between just having fun with it and then the more story telling, I got something to prove side of things.

From start to finish, how long did it take to complete the project? And where there songs that you recorded for it, that didn't make the final tracklist?

I actually been working on my first project since about 2013 lol so of course there are about 25 songs that didn’t make THIS project for various reasons. I even changed the name about four times. Originally this was suppose to be called The Logics but as I gave myself more time to grow and develop, it transformed into something more.

All in all, there’s probably only about three unreleased songs that made it to the tape, one of which I had to change the beat for several times. For this project with all the new tracks, took about two months to complete.

How would you say that your surroundings in Flatbush, Brooklyn are reflected in your music?

In Flatbush, Caribbean culture is a BIG influence for some metaphors and beat selections, especially being Panamanian, I grew up doing the marching band thing and I learned how to use a lot of instruments from young that inspired the music and beats I look for and being Latin gives some of the songs a twist when I switch up on the beat.

Finish this sentence - "After listening to "Servings" for the first time, the listener will say to themselves..."

“Damn i don’t think I heard a female rap like this, at least not in a long time” lol .. at least that’s what I hope or something to that magnitude, you know.

With "Servings" now released, what are your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

Just keep pushing making more videos working on all my other skills like editing and such to help me create more content and of course more music. I gotta EP I’m working on now that’s gonna have a different feel and I have a single called “Choosin” out now that’s gonna be on there, so watch for that.

Shout out the producers who you worked with on the album.

Yea def shouts to Wonderlust Beats, Alexay, Roeland JoeC, Yun Nostra (who was also the engineer for “Check” and “Practice”) and a couple others I cant think of the top but def check em out. Their beats are dope and shout out to Lost Studios NYC on the rest of the project for the engineering genius.

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