Interview: Florida Based Artist Spiffy Evans Talks About His New Video "Myspace" and Album "Paper Plain Vibes"

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We connected with Liberia, Florida based artist and founder of Edjekaded Misfit, Spiffy Evans, for an exclusive interview to discuss his music video “Myspace”, as well as his newly released album “Paper Plain Vibes (PPV)". We also got a chance to pick Spiffy’s brain about how his education at Florida A&T University has impacted the development of his music brand, and what he plans to have achieved at this time next year musically, and much more.

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Big ups to you on your new video "Myspace"; it's very dope. How did you and the director come up with the treatment? Also, who were the people featured in the visual?

The concept was created by my director and mentor, Driven and I. We sat down with a whiteboard like my coaches and I used to do when I was playing sports. I brought to life my vision with his help, starting with a shot list together.

We wanted to include a variety of relationship dealings. Seeing that the motivation for the song comes from the dynamic relationship experiences I've encountered. So naturally, I wanted to include some relationships and faces that are considered family to me.

The treatment was about class, highlighting the track, and showing just how loud it can actually be in a quiet room. I reached out to family like Bria Darling, Alquan Issac, Mece Denmark, Rod Green, JD, and the beautiful model that is Cindy Gray. To each person featured, I appreciate y’all for helping bring this vision to life.

Tell us about your entertainment blog, Edjekaded Misfit; what led you to create it?

Edjekaded Misfit was created due to the need for the artists, from Broward County, to have a way to be heard. We named it "Edjekaded" or spelled it that way because it’s the pronunciation of Educated. Being that I went to college, got my masters, and yet still maintained my rep if I may in my section. So naturally Edjekaded Misfit was something I knew others would relate to and benefit from. First out our vision to give South Broward (Liberia, Hollywood, Carver Ranches, Miramar) a voice in a county that has seen tons of success as of late. But I always wanted to help artists break, so for my section we hosted and maintained free events for the artists to network, perform, and get their name out there.

We did a cypher, which is out via YouTube. We did back to school drives for the kids, printed posters, shirts, and marketing material for the artists as well. We hosted a series of interviews that really made people pay attention when we first started the endeavor. Since we have shifted to promoting our artists instead of the county seeing that EMC2 is the creative group of misfits working toward their goals. Creating EMc2 was all for my people and myself honestly. Fitting in is overrated, so standing out is what Spiffy is about.

Comparing your newly released album "Paper Plain Vibes (PPV)" to “Misfit: The One They Misjudged", how are they different?

PPV and Misfit really show my growth. We traveled to Atlanta to record some tracks for PPV, then back to Miami. From Leakhouse in Ft. Lauderdale to Mixmasters in Miami.

The sounds on PPV is a more seasoned Spiff. And that's why the priority was to drop three projects this year. So growth can be seen. I feel Misfit is the Spiff that everyone regards as Curtric. Meaning that he is the dude everyone likes but won't jump to support.

Tracks like "Myspace" and "Notice Me, Yet?" show just how tough it got for me. The one chick I gave my all to and changed for didn't respect me. And since I was raised right I went to my music instead of reciprocating her energy. The latter of the two mentioned tracks just shows I'm fed up with being overlooked. Even the intro..."Whats they problem with me?", this shows me actually paying attention to what's going on around me.

While on "PPV" we just let the vibes take you away. If you notice nothing you will see the growth as an artist. Sound is "mo betta"; shout out to Shabazz Napier. And this time the misfit himself is giving the vibes. “Paper Plain Vibes” is the mixtape of year and if you tap in, you'll see what I'm talking about.

You're not just an artist, but also a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Would you say that your time there has been beneficial to the development of your music brand?

Thanks for making that clear. I'm so much more than just a rapper or artist. I'm an intellectual with the need to express himself, through the medium of music. Crazy because I was at Boston College for 3 years and I can't say being there left the same mark as FAMU.

I played ball at Boston College and was an All American too. But being on the hill was special. All the various interactions and being around my people inspired me. Not just to indulge in the nightlife and beautiful women that Tally has to offer. Instead, all the deep thinkers and visionary on that campus showed me that I am not the only one chasing and slowly obtain my ideal mark of greatness. At the time, I wasn't branding as hard with my music. But we plan on tapping in without huge network of alumni all over the world to get the art out.

We the marching 100 and so many different avenues to have the music played we plan on pushing PPV. So Homecoming and Classic my fellow Rattlers, we will have something to "Bragg" about!

On this date, next year 2020, what are some things you hope to have accomplished musically?

By this time next year, I want to be a full-time artist managing to tour and spreading the art. I want to have a solid fan base that I can keep engaged via a mailing list, free giveaways, and so much more. I plan to lock in a distribution deal with a respectable entity. Our objective has always been to advance the art so we can help others.

With all that happens this year, and the expected release of my debut album. Like Kanye said, "2020 my year". (No cliche) More than anything, I accomplish my goals because I have plan. A man without one isn’t a man at all. With the help of my team Edjekaded Misfit and Kirk DeGrand, we will see you all at the top.

Thanks for taking the time Dope! Go check out that "PPV" now, which is available to stream EVERYWHERE! Or just head over to!

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