Interview: French Singer-Songwriter Tennin Talks About Her New Single "NOISES" and How the City of Paris Influences Her Music

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Our next exclusive interview is with Tennin, a Paris based singer-songwriter who just released her very DOPE new single “NOISES”, which was produced by Broken Shadow. During our interview with Tennin we got a chance to pick her brain about how the city of Paris influences her music, what we can expect musically after “NOISES”, her experiences performing across Europe and much more.

After reading our Q&A, be sure to stream “NOISES” on Spotify, and connect with Tennin through her website and social media. Lastly, check out more of Tennin’s music on Soundcloud.

Congratulations on the release of your new single "NOISES". What inspired you to write the song and how did you connect with the producer, Broken Shadow?

I was inspired by a situation I was involving in; feelings I was going through. The song "NOISES" is taken from a real scene between me and someone, a message I wanted to share. But above all, this is an ironic eye, about the way we interact with each other: the way we interpret things when we don't have answers to all of our questions is influenced by our fears, our experiences, our hopes.

Broken Shadow is someone I have known thanks to the music. Artistically, we have been able to understand each other’s very naturally. The way both of us see art is totally in accordance with what I want to create, and how I want to create.

At what point were you comfortable and confident enough with yourself as a songwriter to write the material that you record?

As I usually write about what I feel, what I know, and my own stories, the main challenge was to be comfortable with myself and my sensitivity first.

At the beginning I was always censoring myself, thinking I was going too far or too weird, too dark, etc. I had to be in peace with my feelings, so I could write and share my creations. But I am not going to lie, I am still learning how to be comfortable and confident. It’s a daily mindset to have.

Would you say that living in Paris has influenced your music at all? If so, how?

That’s an interesting point. I know my music is influenced by everything that I have heard, or that I like to listen to, no matter the style, no matter the place or city.

I think living in Paris has influenced my music because of my life experiences here, the people I‘ve met. The mix of all of that might have an impact on my creations, my lyrics, and all of this translates into songs.

What comes next after "NOISES"? Can we expect a video to follow? Also, will the song be appearing on an upcoming EP or album this year?

I am indeed working on various projects for next months and the whole year. I cannot officially talk about it yet, but I will make new announcements in the few weeks so you will soon get some answers…

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In three words, how would you describe your music to a stranger?

I feel like the audience can better describe my music than I do, because I use my instinct to create. But I will choose to use one sentence that comes back often “OUT OF THE ORDINARY”. I willingly take it.

Tell us about your experience performing in London, Berlin, Hamburg, and Paris, with BALRE. Would you say that you matured a lot as an artist on the road?

I made my first steps on stage, in 2015, in Paris. The first one was in a music venue called L’ABRACADABAR, Paris 19th.

The first step on stage is like a kind of electroshock, almost rebirths. A least, for me. This is a special place where you have to face the public, but above all, you have to face yourself. That’s a unique experience, and the first stage memories are precious to me.

Then I have had the chance to perform in popular Parisian places with BALRE who is a DJ and multi-instrumentalist (Bus palladium, alimentation Generale, etc,…) – and we decided to book some dates in Germany and the UK.

I have to say, some of my best memories so far are in Berlin (I started at Madame Claude, KREUZBERG), because I felt like the audience really understood the music we performed. They instinctively connected...

London (Howton Square Bar, with the band Normanton Street and other bands from Brighton), was pretty much the same feeling. The audience was digging it.

Each of these experiences to the very heart of the subject is an extraordinary way to grow and learn as an artist.

I have learned so many things that I will apply now to my craft, and I feel excited about it.

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