Interview: GR3YWXLF Talks About His New Single "Breakfast Club" and the Urban Music Scene in London


Over the past few months we’ve had the opportunity to feature some very dope music from the UK and the trend continues with the latest track “Breakfast Club” by London’s very own GR3YWXLF. We had the opportunity to connect with the innovative artist for an exclusive interview to discuss “Breakfast Club”, the urban music scene in London and how he sticks out, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new track “Breakfast Club”. When someone listens to it for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

Ah, thank you it’s good to now have it out there circulating a little bit. For a first time listen, I hope for people to simply relate to the song subject itself. That kind of “yeah I been there, I get that” effect where you just understand.

How did you and the producer Sunny Kale connect with each other to create “Breakfast Club”?

Sunny and I have been friends for a crazy long time so we are always throwing ideas at each other on a daily basis. One week we hit the studio for five days straight and just cooked up some vibes with this being one of them.

Will “Breakfast Club” appear on an upcoming EP or album”? If so, can you give us the name of the project and the release date?

That’s a great question. This is actually the first song from an EP I have in the works called “Fenris”. As for a release date, I am currently stuck in this perfectionist limbo where I don’t feel its quite there yet, but I’m targeting January. Till then though I am going to be releasing music on a monthly basis.

Tell us about the urban music scene in London and how you stick out from the other artists making noise right now.

The urban music scene in London is fascinating. There are so many dope acts putting in the work so its always exciting hearing things. For me though, I enjoy not sounding like anyone else. Not conforming to a particular expectation sound wise makes me a little niche; I don’t have to necessarily be the loudest in the middle of all the noise.

How did your name “GR3YWXLF” come about and what does it represent?

Well I tried the Wu-Tang Name Generator because it worked out so well for Childish Gambino, but unfortunately no such luck for me. My friends have called me Wxlf for years. Grey came from my previous alias – “Grey Charles” a throwback from when I dabbled with producing. So not the most exciting of origin stories, but it’s a story.

Finish this sentence - “In 2019, GR3YWXLF will …”

In 2019, GR3YWXLF will be slightly altering your perspective on what you think UK HIPHOP sounds like. (Notice I didn’t want to be too forceful so I went with “slightly”, like I kicked the door down but did it with malicious grace while being mindful of the neighbours).

Tell us why the readers of this interview should become GR3YWXLF fans immediately!

Readers of this interview should become fans for a chance to win a golden llama. On a serious note, if you like introspective HIP-HOP diligently infused with elements of Lo-Fi and Alt R&B, then come and vibe with me. We’ll get your chakras aligned.

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