Interview: Harlem Rapper Mike Nova Discusses His New Video "98"

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We connected with Harlem rapper Mike Nova for an exclusive interview to discuss the 90’s era throwback style music video to his track “98”, which was directed by Eujii.feira and edited by Max Novak. We also asked Mike about his motivation to create DOPE music, whether we can expect an upcoming EP or album, and much more.

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What motivates you the most as an artist to create and stand out from other rappers in NYC?

Truthfully I just go with what I feel you know what I mean. I think a lot of artists’ music reflects what they listen to. I listen to a lot of boom bap, beastcoast shit cause I think it’s the sound of NYC, but I can also flip the switch and do the trap 808 beats and go for that mainstream sound. I got some joints like that, but I just do me.

Big up to you on the release of the visuals for your new single "98". What inspired you to write the song initially and how did you come across the Juno Adonis produced beat?

Thanks bro, it means a lot that you guys posted on the blog, I’ve never been posted before. The way I came up with “98” was the vibe I got from Juno. He makes a lot of dope beats that are boom bap and sampled based. I came across him on YouTube and then I hit him, spoke to him and let him know his joints rocking so I gotta couple beats from him and ever since I’ve been kept in the loop.

The video for "98" conjures up a lot of memories of the 90s era of mass media (TV and music). How did you and Eujii.feira come up with the idea to integrate so many different TV snippets and special visual effects into the video?

Well me and Eujii came up with having the VHS effect but we needed to step up more and have more effects. I found this dope videographer and editor on YouTube named Max Novak an I sent it to him. Told him to go with the vibe of the song. A couple days later he sent me the joint and I was blown away. He new exactly what to do without me telling him, straight off the vibe of the song and the lyrics he integrated all the 90s references that I was referring to and made it appear more in the visuals. I thought it was so dope; my guy is nice.

Can we expect "98" to appear on an upcoming EP or album? If so, can you give us some info about it?

Cool so I had an idea to make like a boom bap tape called “98GVLD”. I wanted it to be gritty real NYC feel. It was going to be a two part project cause I had that many songs. Most of the beats was from Juno as well. I couldn’t make up my mind to go with it or not but based on the reception of “98” and people like it I might just go in that direction. I got a lot of ideas, a lot of songs that can be placed and pieced into a project, from storytelling/trap consciousness, to some singing shit or some playlist joint. I’m tryna give the people what they want, feel me.

What are some of your goals musically for 2019?

A lot bro, a lot. I wrote them all down and so far a month in they’re coming into fruition. As long as I remain consistent and apply pressure I’ll be good, so expect more slaps.

More videos, more performances and more over all greatness.

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