Interview: Honey Padre Talks About His New Single "When Will I" and How Chicago is Represented in His Music

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Big up to Chicago based rap artist Honey Padre who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss his very DOPE new single “When Will I”, which features 7 Metrix and Jerriell Ryan. We also got a chance to pick Honey Padre’s brain about how his hometown is represented in his music, what he feels has been his biggest music accomplishment thus far and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of "When Will I"; it's a great track. What initially inspired you to write it and who produced it?

Thank you. What initially inspired me to write the track was a family member of mine. He came across the DopeBoyz Music production via their website and thought I would be perfect for the track. So he sent it my way and told me to work my magic with it.

Following up on the last question, how did you connect with 7 Metrix and Jerrielle Ryan, who are featured on the track?

I connected with 7 Metrix through a music program called “Art Of Culture” formally known as Donda’s House, based here in Chicago. We also worked on a track beforehand in which he did the vocal support as well. Jerriell Ryan was my roommate at the time that I received the track. I knew he had a dope flow and great delivery from previous tracks of his, so I had to have him on this one as well.

You're born and raised in Chicago; how would you say that the city is represented in your music?

Being born and raised in Chicago, the city is represented in my music with my authentic smooth, laid back Chicago style flow. Growing up in a city flooded with other talented artist pushed me to not only find my own flow, but to also make sure Chicago was properly represented in each bar that I write.

Your journey into music artistry began when you were 8 when you learned how to play piano and read music. Since then, what would you say has been your biggest accomplishment musically thus far?

My biggest accomplishment in music was having my track “Baby Girl” played on 107.5 WGCI which is a huge local radio station here in Chicago. In addition, I later had another track featured on Young Chicago Author’s “Louder Than A Bomb” 2015 mixtape with other talented artists as well. Having someone who takes pride in your work just as much as myself was very humbling.

With "When Will I" now released, what's next for you? Can we expect a visual? Also, will "When Will I" be featured on an upcoming EP or album this year?

Now that “When Will I” is released, my next goal is to film my first visual for the track. I have been working on my first album as well that is coming together nicely and should be ready by January 2020. Leading up to that event, I will be releasing singles that will hint at what to expect on the album.

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