Interview: Houston Based Rap Artist Dogsta The Problem


Dogsta The Problem is an emerging rap artist from a city with legendary history in Hip-Hop music and culture -- Houston. We connected with Dogsta to discuss his newly released single and video "Here I Come", his upcoming mixtape, his musical goals for 2018 and much more.

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You come from a city with a rich history in Hip-Hop, who have some of your most important musical influences from Houston? 

I think answering this will take all day. Lol. Damn near every artist in the city that released music while I came up played a part in me being the artist I am today. Scarface of course, especially being from the same neighborhood. From Geto Boys to different SUC members like Lil Flip, Lil KeKe, Z-Ro to past Swisha House members like Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall. It's a lot of people. Newer artist like Doughbeezy and Propain. I can go on and on. Like you said, it's a rich history.

Congrats on your new video "Here I Come". Who directed the visual and who produced the "Sonic The Hedgehog" influenced song itself? 

Thank you. I directed and edited the video myself. I had my wife behind the camera shooting all the footage. The producer that made the beat is a talented young producer that go by the name of Lil Rambo Beats.

Tell us about your upcoming mixtape "No One Is Listening". When do you plan to release it and what's the significance of the title? 

It's one of two projects I'm currently working on. It comes from me feeling like I'm not being heard. Whether it's me not being heard by the people I know or by the right people. I feel it's a lot of great talent that's either ignored or doesn't get a lot of love shown just because they're not on radio. Plus the next project that will follow is titled "Music To Self." This mixtape will play as the appetizer for that project. The mixtape doesn't have a date at the moment, but I do plan to release early 2018. 

How will "No One Is Listening" be different from your earlier releases?

This project will be different from the others because I'm at a different place in life than where I was in the past. I'm still working on getting back to doing music, and I'm the driver this go round. Before when I was doing music, I just had to focus on writing and letting the engineer do the work. Now I'm a family man going thru different situations, while trying to be my own engineer, and do my own vids. The content is kind of different, but I'm still doing me and proving I can do this.

With 2017 winding down, what are your musical goals for next year?

My music goals for 2018 is releasing more music of course. More visuals once I learn that side of it. Building relationships with other talented artist and giving people good collabs. Just being the best I can be and growing... and making sure the city knows my name. 

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