Interview: Indie Pop Band Milq Talk About Their New Single "L.U.2.H" and Pop Music Scene in Edmonton

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We connected with Edmonton based pop band Milq for an exclusive interview to discuss their new single “L.U.2.H”, as well as whether we can expect to hear it on an upcoming project. We also picked the guys’ brains about the pop music scene in Edmonton, how they met and decided to form the band, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Milq, be sure to connect with them on their social media, and check out the visual for their debut single “Stay”.

Your new single "L.U.2.H" was produced and written by you guys; tell us about your creative process for its development.

Every Milq song is a collaborative effort between all three of us. In the case of L.U.2.H, Jeremy had a voice memo of the basic melody/lyrics and then Robbie and Joel added production and found a groove to base the song around. We wrote 90% of it in a couple of hours but made minor arrangement and production changes slowly over time.

With "Stay" and now "L.U.2.H" released, can we expect to hear both on an EP or album in early 2020?

Without giving a definite yes, we are in the process of finishing an EP, and we are anxious to release it, so the answer is very likely.

How did you three initially meet each other and decide to form the band?

We were all music students at MacEwan University. Robbie and Jeremy met in a songwriting class and asked Joel to play drums on their demos; the chemistry was apparent from the first rehearsal so we decided to form Milq.

With 2019 winding down, what are the band's goals for the remainder of 2019?

With the remainder of 2019 we plan to release two more singles, and possibly a video depending on time and budget.

Tell us about the pop music scene in Edmonton for up and coming acts such as yourself. Are locals supportive of homegrown talent and are there a lot opportunities and venues to perform at?

We have received a lot of support from our hometown. At first we were the only ones making music in this genre/style but other scenes like the hardcore, pop punk, and indie rock communities were very welcoming of our sound.

We have also had the opportunity to open for touring acts such as iamhill, New City, Tyler Shaw and PVRIS at some of the bigger more popular venues in the city. In the last year or so a strong pop community has been growing with artists like Talltale, Laur Elle, Margo, Grace Miazga and others releasing and performing music.

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