Interview: Indigo Svn Discusses His New Single "Window" And His Plans For 2017

Indigo Svn is a DOPE 21 year old Brooklyn based rap artist and producer who recently released the track "Window" and represents the Club 27 and Faraway Club collectives. "Window" is the first track off Indigo Svn's upcoming EP and we connected with him to find out how his name originated, who has influenced him musically, what we can expect from the EP and much more.

Tell us about your name Indigo Svn; how did it originate?

So the name Indigo Svn, really shows how the universe syncs up. Seven has always been a number I've had an interest in. From  sacred geometry - to Christian religious text. "Indigo " registered with me as  my knowledge of the "indigo children" grew. So One day my homie produced a track called "indigo svn" and once I saw it, a light bulb went off and I knew it was the moniker for me to use.

Who are some of your favorite artists/producers and how have they influenced your music?

Pharell, Lupe, Nas, and Andre 3000. These are a couple musicians who influenced me to all around be myself andcomfortable in my own skin. Lupe as an mc definitely influenced me as far as subject matter sometimes. Outside of music Andy Warhol, David Rothko - are some of my favorites as well. 

Have you decided on a release date for your upcoming EP and what can we expect from it? Will it be self-produced?

No release date yet, right now I'm just working on bridging  the concept, ideally I'd want a realize as on my bday - February 21st. But we'll have to see how the stars align. This won't be a tape when I'm handling all the production though. And I would say expect the unexpected. Truth, emotion, and vibes. 

Would you consider yourself an artist first or a producer first? Why?

I hope I don't sound like a jackass, but I think producers are artist. And as an artist you can be someone who produces. I do think as far as my involvement in music I'm just an artist who tries to get the job done. I for example, I got into producing in order to add music to short films I wanted to create, kinda like one hand washes the other.

We really love the mellow vibe of the "Window" single; was it self-produced? Describe your creative process in developing it.

So Window was produced by an artist from Europe named "wntr". My process was just vibing to the beat, and recording/writing as words came to me.  It often feels like divine intervention when I'm creating. But I do remember I had a diff verse that I ended up scrapping. But it all came together, I just had to follow the spirit and my instincts.

If you had to choose three words to describe yourself and/or your music, which would you select?

Emotional, introspective, conscious

What do you look forward to the most in 2017 musically?

I'm looking forward to having some of my own shows and releasing my debut tape, and inspiring & encouraging others with my music/art.

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