Interview: Jamaican Reggae Artist V Merchant Talks About His New Single/Video "Regrets"

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We connected with Jamaican reggae artist V Merchant for an exclusive interview to discuss his self-produced and directed single/video “Regrets”. We also picked V Merchant’s brain about his experience directing the visual, whether “Regrets” will appear on an upcoming project, what he wants people to feel when they listen to one of his songs for the first time, and much more.

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What inspired you to write your single "Regrets"?

“Regrets” was inspired by the many stories men have told about their shortcomings with love and my personal experience with live and regrets.

Are the song's lyrics based on a personal experience?

Yes, this is mine and every man's experience that has ever loved and lost.

Congratulations on your work as the director of the song's visual. Is this your first time directing a video and can you envision yourself doing it for your next song?

Yes, this is my first time behind the camera directing but it sure won't be my last; both music and cinematography go hand in hand.

“I'm a Winner” is the next single and we're already halfway through the video with a Jamaican dance crew.

What led you to move from Jamaica to Canada and what's the difference where you are based now in regards to the reggae music scene?

Me-no-move! Me go back a forth, like every Jamaican, we’re looking for better opportunities for ourselves and our loved ones.

Reggae has grown and is now a global platform. There is really no difference. The only difference I've noticed is that reggae is now a billion dollar Industry and is no longer in the hands of only Jamaicans.

Can we expect "Regrets" to appear on an upcoming EP or album you're working on?

I have an album ready, but being a new reggae artist, I am releasing a few singles to introduce myself to the people and then an LP, followed up by the album.

What can you tell us about the project?

The LP will feature Sizzla Kalonji and it will be a combination of culture and lovers rock and festival songs. The album will feature various artists and the songs will belt out social issues, love stories, and untold Jamaican history such as the song “Warzone” that interprets the 2010 Tivoli Garden Incursion.

Finish this sentence - "When someone listens to a V Merchant song, I want them to feel...”

.....empowered, love, appreciated, strong, hopeful and motivated.

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