Interview: Jeh Sinatra Discusses His Brand New EP "For The Family" and the Broken Hearts Music Group Record Label


Major salute to Jeh $inatra who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss his brand new EP “For The Family”, as well as his independent record label Broken Hearts Music Group LLC, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with the Altamonte Springs, FL based rap artist, songwriter, podcast host, and CEO/Founder, be sure to connect with him on his social media, stream “For The Family” on your preferred music service, and listen to the EP below.

With your new EP "For The Family" now released, what would you say that you are most proud of with the project?

With “For The Family” I’m most proud of the message and what it represents especially in today’s world we live in. Lots of us lose hope while working towards something greater; in this particular time we need that hope and the ability to be able to hold on to it in trying times. Giving up has never been an option and it never should be is what I want the listeners to take away from this.

Tell us about your creative process with the EP in terms of how long it took to complete, how you selected the EP's four beats, and decided which artists would appear on what song.

It took a few months to formulate everything about the EP from the track titles and sequencing, all way down to the cover art and visual representation for this project.

I carefully surveyed the climate in where we are as a society; I wanted something that represent strength and unity in terms of the covert art (which is a photo shot by a photographer out of the DMV named JD Mason).

Each beat was selected with an intentional sound I was looking to capture whether it be the anthemic opener “Lord Willin” with its message of perseverance and determination, to the closer track “Man of the Year” with its high gloss and glitzy sonic backdrop illustrating victory in a sense.


As far as the features I wanted to get the strongest vocal representation on each track. Liron Dayo’s aggressive tone fit “Top Floor”, while $wayze’s laid back r&b crooning was perfect for “Sacrifices”. On “Lord Willin” I just wanted some good old Diddy level sh*t talking from Kenya lol. I needed that female street narration for that joint.

In what ways would you say that "For The Family" is different than your last project "B.L.A.C.K."?

“B.L.A.C.K.” is more contemporary and dense sonically. It’s NY hip-hop at its core even from a verbiage and reference stand point. It’s traditional “boom bap”.

“For The Family” is more modern and progressive sonically. It matches the today’s sound. It’s more direct in its approach to grab the audience. I specifically did that just to show the contrast in both projects and to show my versatility as well.

You're not just an artist, but also the CEO/Founder of Broken Hearts Music Group LLC. What led to the creation of this independent record label?

Ownership and having full accountability of my own career is what led to the creation of our label Broken Hearts Music Group LLC. I, along with my childhood friend Tavares “Picaso”, wanted to create a label based off of not just creativity in its purest form, but a label created with integrity, honor, loyalty, and hard work.

We look to expand and add more talent to our roster in the near future, but for now the main focus is myself as far as talent goes. We’re just in phase one since the label has only been operational for only a year now. Bright future ahead of us for sure.

How difficult is it to juggle your responsibilities as an artist and as the business end of Broken Hearts Music Group LLC?

It’s a bit difficult but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a supporting cast if it ever gets too hectic, but I wear both hats proudly. It allows me to be hands on with every aspect of music creation to music marketing and development (the promotional side of things).

I tend to be a busy body...I create the music, I develop the cover art for each of my projects, I develop the promotional material behind them, I self promote, manage and book shows, negotiate deals and so on so I’ve grown accustomed to handing all of this with minimal complaining lol. I LOVE WHAT I DO.

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