Interview: Jiggly J Discusses the Chicago Rap Scene and the Grimy Gang Collective

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Coming straight out of Chicagoland is Jiggly J, a talented young rapper whose two latest tracks "Questions (Lie to Me)" and "Groovy Groupie" have both been featured on DCWS. We connected with Jiggly J for this exclusive interview to get some insight to why Chicago is such a hotbed for dope rap artists like himself, who the Grimy Gang is, how we can cop some Grimy Gang merch and much more.

Chicago has a hotbed for legendary Hip-Hop artists like Chance The Rapper, Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Vince Mensa, for over 25 years. What is it about your area that breeds such great talent?

Chicago is awesome. We have so much diversity here and a huge population, but also high standards. Like, the highest standards. Those guys you just named paved the way for the new artists and we’re just trying to build legacies just as legendary, and that’s what keeps Chicago strong in my opinion.

First it was "Questions" and then "Groovy Groupie", which we both featured on DCWS. What comes next? Can we expect a video, mixtape, or EP soon? 

I’m working on an EP plus I got a couple songs I’m dropping before that. You can definitely expect a video; me and my boys are working on that. No days off over here.

Tell us about the Grimy Gang. Who is this collective?

We’re just some teenagers who thinks the normal life is lame so we’re striving for that luxurious shit. We all have the same goals and mindset so why not. It started off with me and my boy Colin, aka Harley, then Tone Taso, then I met with Sanch and Moi and boom that’s the gang. Colin’s my Asian stoner friend and we started this together. We’re so competitive, and we both know we could lyrically murder everyone out here. Then ya got Tone, my little brother basically. He’s a football player turned rapper but he got so good within the past year it’s crazy. Listen to “Shot your gramma with a fifty cal” then listen to his song “Unknown4theNight” and you’ll see the difference.

My guy Sanch isn’t even a rapper, but he’s awesome. He always looks out for us, makes business moves, and he’s working on being in the fashion industry. My boy Moi is like the midget version of Logic. He’s the one who packs a punch when it comes to metaphors, lyrics, and pure sentimental subject matter. His songs might make you cry if you’re pussy enough. We were always like the most different niggas, but everyone rocks with us. We’re like the weird kids that are actually cool, on some Odd Future type shit. Everyone loves us but sometimes they’re like “Yo, what drugs are you on?!” We’re not gangbangers but we are on gang shit, ya feel me? Like we’re just the crazy niggas who don’t know how to chill. Hang out with us once I guess. It’s hard to explain.

Who are some Chicago rappers who have influenced you as an artist?

My boy Chance! That guy is awesome. I like Juice Wrld, too. He’s pretty new, like legit out the womb type shit, but he’s working with Herbo and Bibby consistently now. Uh, Kanye is cool. I like Chief Keef, too, and I want my dreads to look like his one day. Can’t forget Supa Bwe, Logan, Lucki, Taylor Bennet, Montana of 300, Herbo, Bibby, they’re all really sick. Chance hands down though, he’s part of the reason I’m doing this.

The main design on your Grimy Gang merch is hot. Who works with you on the graphics and how can our readers purchase Grimy Gang gear?

Thanks a lot, because I did it! I’m like an artist ya feel me? Not a graphic artist, but I like to draw. I drew that shit on a white piece of paper, slapped it in the scanner, sent it to my boy Yung Glo and he colored it in. Then I put it in Photoshop and finished it up. It was such a rough draft but it’s so awesome and it just clicked. Probably never going to change it neither. But glad you guys like it. If anyone wants it, here’s the link. Love everyone!

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