Interview: Kali Ma Discusses Her Latest Single/Video "Winter" and EP "Shameful"

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Our next exclusive interview is with Austin based soul artist and producer Kali Ma. She just dropped her single/video "Winter" and a few weeks ago released her EP "Shameful", which is a hella DOPE six song project that you need to hear for yourself. Luckily we have you covered because after you read our Q&A with Kali Ma, you can listen to it below.

Be sure to follow Kali Ma on her social media streams and stay tuned because our bets are on her having a breakout year in 2018; you saw and heard it here first!

I really enjoyed listening to your new EP "Shameful"; it really left me wanting to hear more music from you. Tell us about your creative process for it.

"Shameful" actually took almost a year to make. I was learning how to produce and use the software as I was making it so it took quite a while. I honestly had no intention in making a full EP until I made the song 'Reality'. That song really inspired the whole thing. I only picked the songs that I felt described a shameful past. It's my way of trying to make myself and other people comfortable with the fact that we've all done things we're not proud of.

Congratulation on your latest single/video "Winter". Who directed the visuals and was the song self-produced? 

My song/video 'Winter' was directed by Cypher the Avatar (CxA). He also produced the song! He is crazy talented and is like a mentor to me.

Being based in Austin, do you get the opportunity to perform live very often? 

I actually haven't preformed live yet. I have a few places already lined up to perform at this year and will be constantly looking for more!

How did you get your start producing music? What software and/or instruments do you use?

FL Studio was downloaded onto my laptop about a year ago, and that where it all started. I love the program! I have a keyboard that I've used for a couple beats but honestly, the program alone is enough.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist/producer and what do you hate the most?

I love being an artist because I'm able to put all my thoughts and energy into something that I enjoy doing. It's like therapy for me. I think what I hate the most is something all artists deal with. That's the negativity you can get from all the pressure you put on yourself as well as the fixation you have on other's opinions (which aren't always positive). I have to remind myself that I do this because it's fun and I love it.

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