Interview: Korean Female Rapper ARTLOVER Discusses Her New Single "Want U Back" and Her Personal Style

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ARTLOVER is a stylish and talented South Korean native and London based rapper whose new single "Want U Back" is one of our current favorites in the DCWS office; the single will be available on all digital retailers March 2nd. We connected with ARTLOVER for this exclusive interview to find out how she got her start as an artist, the motivation behind the "Want U Back" song, her dream collaboration and much more. 

After reading our Q&A with ARTLOVER, be sure to mark your calendars for March 2nd, so you will be ready to download "Want U Back" on your favorite music streaming service. Also, follow her on her social media streams so you can stay up to date on all things "ARTLOVER".

Tell us about how you got your start as a rap artist and who are some rappers or singers who have had a strong influence on your music?

I remember I listened a lot of Eminem and 50 cents songs when I was teenager. 

I started singing first and rapping later. I enjoy both but I realized that rapping feels more natural to me than singing. Perhaps because, I enjoyed Korean traditional music as a child and that kind of music is very much based on rhythm. 

Describe your creative process when it comes to writing lyrics and what do you look for in the instrumentals that you decide to write to?

When I write music, I always consider the listeners point of view.  I want them to vision something new in their heads when they hear it, and feel emotions. When it comes to instrumentation I leave that to the producer but always give my opinion. 

Congrats on your new single "Want U Back". What motivated you to write this song and can we expect a visual for it to follow?

Thank you! The song is retro style with an 80’s vibe. I love that era, I think it was a fabulous time for youth culture. 

The song is about missing passion that has come and gone, the kind that is so strong that you only feel it once in your life.

Break down your name for us. What does "ARTLOVER" mean?

For me music is a form of art that represents culture and society. Being an ARTLOVER sums me up pretty well.  

If you had to describe yourself as an artist to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Love, nostalgic and wild.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) on a song, who would you pick?


How would you describe your personal style and why is important for you to not look like every other artist out today in terms of what they wear?

I really love vintage and antiques. My outfits are from all different eras and has a certain charm which sometimes is difficult to find in modern pieces. I guess I just find it very boring to be part of the pack. 

As an artist its important to stand out and push boundaries forward. To dare to challenge conventions is a vital part in bringing pop culture forward.

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