Interview: LA Based Alt/Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Bohardt Talks About His Debut Single/Video "J.A.S.Y.S"


We connected with Los Angeles based Alt/Indie Pop singer-songwriter Bohardt for an exclusive interview to discuss his recently released debut single/video, “J.A.S.Y.S”, and so much more. Specifically, we asked Bohardt about how he discovered that he had talent as a musical creative, what he’s most proud of with “J.A.S.Y.S”, and what’s next to come musically after this release.

After reading our Q&A with Bohardt, be sure to connect with him on his website and social media, stream “J.A.S.Y.S” on your preferred music service, and stay tuned for much more DOPE music to come from this talented artist!

How did you discover that you had talent as both a singer and songwriter? Do you remember the first song you wrote?

It was the music's hold on me that always made me want more. It was never enough to just sing or play covers. I wanted much more, so I started writing a bunch of terrible songs haha.

I think the songs I am making now are something I'd place on a playlist or 2 (hint hint). The first song I ever wrote was for a pop punk band called Three Seconds Notice. It was about a breakup with my high school girlfriend. She said I'd always come back to her and it inspired me to let her know via song that I was stronger than that.

Tell us about your creative process when developing new songs.

I start with writing a simple loop. I'll play it over and over and just start improvising over top of it. I find I write best when I just naturally flow.

Congratulations on the release of your new single and video "J.A.S.Y.S". With this being your debut, what are you most proud of with the song and video?

Thank you. It took a lot to get all this off the ground and I couldn't be happier with the response so far.

I'd say I'm mostly proud of the people that made this happen. Yes, I am proud of the the actual writing and song it self, but without the brilliant production (Stefan Macarewich) and the amazing storytelling that the video conveyed (Justin Schaefers) it would not be what it is.

How did you and the director come up with the video's treatment? Also, who was your leading lady in the video?

I initially brought a big production idea to Justin (director and writer) and thought it was a great idea. He reached out later that day and I said " Well that's cool, but what is the song about? What are you trying to say?" After explaining what the song was about, he brought this raw concept to the table that instantly grabbed me.

Alexa Moffo is the star of this video. She was so authentic and real. Her eyes are what drew me to her. A story can be hard to tell without dialogue but she was able to say so much with just those eyes. Sadness, attraction, anger - a real talent.

If you could select any artist to appear on a remix to "J.A.S.Y.S”, who would you pick?

It would be a toss up between Sam Harris of X Ambassadors or Khalid. I was listening to a lot of this when writing the song and always kind of heard one of them singing this.

With "J.A.S.Y.S" now out, what will you be doing for an encore? Do you have a song in mind for your follow-up?

I will be releasing a few more singles in the coming months that will eventually to a full length album. I've been working on a song recently that I feel is a bit more specific to my own life than the universal feel of love and loss that “J.A.S.Y.S” had.

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