Interview: LA Based Artist Keenan Mills Talks About His Single "Don't Worry"

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We connected with Los Angeles based artist Keenan Mills for an exclusive interview to discuss his single "Don't Worry", find out which LA rap artists have influenced his music, and much more. After reading our Q&A with Keenan, be sure to follow him on his social media and check out his latest single "Show You"!

Tell us about your debut single "Don't Worry" that we just featured. How did you connect with the producer of the track CashMoneyAP? 

"Don’t Worry" actually has an interesting story. It’s one of the older songs in my arsenal. CashMoneyAp has obviously been on the rise for a few years now (finally getting the respect he deserves) and the instrumental caught my attention when released in May of 2016. The hook came to me immediately but at the time I couldn’t relate to the words. Long story short I left my sales position and planned a move from my small home town to LA. Finally it feels like doors have been opened for me in music and I can stand by my lyrics “Don’t worry bout it, we’re straight.”

Can we expect a visual for "Don't Worry" soon?

Yes, a video is in the plans for don’t worry. You can expect to see that later this year.

What comes next after "Don't Worry"? Will the track appear on an upcoming EP or album?

Yes!  “Don’t Worry” will appear on my debut project as well as my latest single “Show You”.

You're located in a city that is flooded with legendary artists. Who are some LA based artists that have inspired your music thus far?

LA has produced tons of iconic artist that have inspired me. Jay Rock’s "Redemption" album is currently on repeat. Kendrick always amplifies my creativity and pushes me to try new things on the mic. But the most inspirational for me has to be Cube. I plan to double as a filmmaker in the future so his journey really resonates with me. 

Tell us about your upcoming show at Artists Project.

The upcoming show really has me hype! The Artist Project is a creative hub for talented people on the rise. This new artist showcase will be a great opportunity for me to share my sounds with other artist, photographers, videographers and more. 

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