Interview: LA Based Producer Lue Jones

Lue Jones beats.jpg

Our exclusive interview with LA based producer Lue Jones is the first we have done with a producer on Dopecausewesaid since we started the platform. After listening to his beats, we decided that it was time to see what's up with this talented producer on the rise this year. If you're an artist looking for instrumentals, check out his beats below and you can holla at him through his email. 

If it's not a secret, tell us about the equipment/software that you use to create your beats. Why did you select the equipment/software that you use?

I use FL Studio. I use FL because it's more of my comfort zone. Using different plugins to create a different atmosphere.

What advice would you have for someone who is just starting out and aspires to be a producer?

My advice is God first and stay focused. Develop your sound, network, try new programs and have consistency. Have a great team around you that's inspired you to push boundaries. And love what you do. Oh, and copyright everything.

How did you get your start producing and who are some of the producers who inspired you early on?

I started producing like, full time 2012. The producers that inspire me are Pharrell, DJ Toomp, Cardo, Johnny Juliano, Ryan Leslie, Shawty Red, 808 Mafia.

Who is your favorite producer? Why?

My favorite producers are Cardo and Johnny Juliano. From bouncy 808 and hi hats to crazy sounds that people think are samples and just the vibe they bring every time it's different. They show you that it's comfortable to be yourself and stay in your lane.

What can you tell us about your upcoming projects? Who will be featured on them and when do you expect to drop them?

I have an instrumental EP entitled "ENIGMA 2" (vocals from xuitcasecity, M.I.A., Migos, Sade etc). My official album "PARVDOX (paradox)" with various artist in October courtesy or AFTRHVRS MUSIC. Also, an collab EP with Hawthorne artist Burtono entitled "OSAGE AVE" releasing in April. Also a single project with new wave artist Kwaze.

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