Interview: Lancaster, CA Rapper Lil Scotty P Talks About His Debut EP "Momma, I'm Sorry"

Lil Scotty P interview.jpg

Major shout out to Lil Scotty P out of Lancaster, CA, who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to talk about his single/video “Clownin”, and his debut EP it appears on, “Momma, I’m Sorry”. We also got a chance to discuss the EP in-depth with Lil Scotty P, and find out how Lancaster inspires his music and what his goals are for the rest of 2019.

After reading our Q&A with Lil Scotty P, be sure to check out the “Momma, I’m Sorry” EP, and connect with him on his social media.

Congratulations on your video "Clownin", and the completion and release of your debut EP that it appears on, "Momma, I'm Sorry". Tell us about the development of the EP and why you decided to film a visual for "Clownin".

“Momma, I'm Sorry” is more so an introduction of myself and who Lil Scotty P is. I talked about what I've been going through on each song and the different vibes that I vibe to. “Clownin” was special to me because I knew it was going to get people's attention.

What can we all expect on the "Momma I'm Sorry" EP? Also, who handles the production and are there any guest features?

You can definitely expect to learn about me and just how I became the person that I am; where I came from, and what I stand for. It has all kinds of different vibes from West coast to the trap.

This one is all me, but you can expect some features from my partners that I'm on the come up with in the near future. My production really goes out to my manager, Choc. The producers are Zaya (Clownin), Suede (Ride For Me), and Contraband (Can't Lie To My Brother).

Shout to the engineers too, Jeremy and Monstar. It wouldn't have come out as good if it wasn't for them.

Tell us about your hometown Lancaster, CA, and whether you feel like your surroundings have inspired your music.

I'm from "The Dirt", aka Lancaster. It has everything to do with my music because it has a major influence as far as where I grew up, my stomping grounds, and what I've done in my city. It's all throughout my music. The Dirt has it's own lifestyle that I've become accustomed to.

With your debut EP now released, what are some of your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

To keep progressing; after what I've been through, I would've never thought I would make it this far, musically. And after this amount of progress, it's shown me that there's more to come. I will continue to tell my story.

If you could pick any artist to collaborate with on a remix to "Clownin", who would you select?

I'd pick Savviii 3rd.

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