Interview: Latin Pop Singer-Songwriter Matias Discusses His Hit Single "Vida Mia"

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Philly based Latin pop artist Matias connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss his hit single “Vida Mia”, which features production by Alejandro "Noise Up" Roblado. We also got a chance to pick Matias’ brain about his experience in Colombia and how it has impacted his music, how his music brand has matured since he started singing, and much more.

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Congratulations on the success you've been having with your new single "Vida Mia". What are you most proud of with this new release?

Thank you! I would say I am really proud of the fact that with this record I am singing more in Spanish than any of my previous releases.

Why was it important for you to record the song in both English and Spanish?

I think being able to record the record in both Spanish and English allows me to really connect with a very wide and diverse audience. For people who speak Spanish, this record really allows them to connect and for those who speak English, there is a still very detailed story line to understand the song.

During the summer of 2016, you moved back to Colombia for a year. What would you say was your most memorable experience there in relation to your music?

My most memorable experience was spending time around all of my good friends hanging out in the studio and really being able to dive into my heritage.

It was the first time in my life I really felt I had connected with the part of my culture that I had never experienced before. I was talking the language, eating the food and most importantly creating great music.

From when you started your musical career to now, what aspect of your artistry and/or music brand would you say has matured the most?

I would say my ability as a songwriter and as a vocalist has increased so much since the beginning of my career. I remember looking at videos from when I first started and it really is an eye-opening experience to see how much my craft has matured and advanced.

Would you say that "Vida Mia" has set the standard or bar for all your releases in the future?

“Vida Mia” is absolutely setting the standard for all future releases. I look at each one of my songs as another chapter in my life and another point of growth in my artistic career.

What are some things that motivate you to be successful as an artist?

My primary motivation is creation. There is something therapeutic about being able to bring an idea to life. The main outlet for my creation and creativity is my music. It truly is a profound concept of taking this idea that only exists my mind and being able to use a medium such as music to share that message and energy with the world.

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