Interview: London Based Pop/RnB Duo World Machine

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World Machine is a London based duo comprised of Jack Shea and Naz Kalsey who just released the single "Affection". The single, which seamlessly blends pop and RnB, has been on heavy rotation for a few days now in the DCWS office, and fans of Prince especially, will be swept up by Naz's synth-based, melodic production and Jack's airy vocals. We connected with the guys for an exclusive interview to discuss their new single, as well as their plans to follow it up, their creative process in developing songs and much more.

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After working together in the band Smashing Lights, how was it decided between you guys that you would form the duo "World Machine"? 

We felt that we were drifting away from the indie sound we started with Smashing Lights and we felt the other members would not like the direction we were going in musically and sonically so the idea of World Machine really started from there.  

If you had to describe World Machine's music to a stranger who has never heard you before in three words, which would you choose?

Personal, Clean, Colourful  

Tell us about your creative process when developing a new song. When do you two know that the song is officially finished?

Well it all starts with Naz Kalsey the guitarist and songwriter of the group. We normally talk about a new song idea whether it is a certain feeling or a production idea from a song we both like and really base it on that. We approach making a song with originality but also with the idea of making it an experimental blend of different characteristics.

Regarding when we know its finished we never know, its a curse especially for me when I hear a track back I always want to add things but we always mutually agree that its to the best of what we could do at the time and always move on to the next track. 

Can we expect to see a visual for "Affection" soon and do you expect the song to be appearing on an upcoming EP or album this year?

We are currently working on a visual for Affection that will probably be out by May/June time plus a new track that will be out by late April. Currently we have nearly 30 songs written for an album that we want to release in 2019, which we are excited for, but at the moment we are really working on it to make it the best it can be. 

What motivated the creation of "Affection"? Were the lyrics based on a personal experience in a relationship?

The lyrics for Affection are really based on an idea of a relationship and a certain situation. Being the person that wants to give affection and comfort is a new avenue lyrically for me and I wanted to explore my inner tenderness that I had never really expressed through music before. This approach I have started to really connect with recently and a lot of the tracks we are working on recently have that introspective feel. 

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