Interview: London Based Rap Artist Patch

Patch is a London based rap artist who is truly making his mark on the UK music scene. His latest project "Space Between The Heartbeats" was released earlier this year and is a five track EP featuring some very dope tracks such as 'These Days' and 'Feeling'. We're really looking forward to what's next from this innovative emcee in 2017. 

How did you get your start as an artist? When did you realize that you had a talent for rapping and that you were actually good enough to get paid for it?

I have written poetry from the age of 10 so words and rhyme have been a part of my life for a long time. I always found that words just come to me whenever I want to express something. However it wasn't until my early 20's that it even occurred to me pursue it as a career so the musicality element is something I picked up late but the lyricism was always there. I guess early indicators of my talent for it would be having my poetry published as a child and winning rap battles at school in my teens but to be honest, I pretty much woke up 1 day around the age of 23 and thought 'I love writing, I wanna be paid for it because it's pretty much all I care about'.

What are your thoughts about the Hip-Hop music scene in London? Would you say that there are platforms in place for artists such as yourself to get support and maximum exposure?

The Hip Hop scene in London is healthy. There are plenty of platforms for artists to express themselves and get exposure. If your paying attention you can find an eclectic mix of styles and content.

Tell us about 'Point of View'. Who produced it and what are you most proud of with this track?

Point Of View came about after a bit of reflection. I sort of realized that your mental state isn't about the things that happen to you but more about your perspective on them. Different events in life affect people in all kinds of ways and so to say X is a bad thing and Y is a good thing is not really true, the only thing that determines what any given experience means is how you as an individual interpret it. The intention behind the song is simply to remind people of that and maybe help them to change their perspective on something that might be bothering them in life. The track was produced by Canis Major, an american producer I connected with over the internet. The song doesn't have a traditional structure so I guess I'm just proud I kept it that way, I delivered my message the way I wanted to.

With 2016 winding down, what are your music related goals for 2017?

My 2017 music goals are to continue to push my movement of Drunken Philosophy / Embrace Your Contradictions. My goal is always the same, to push that message further and further each year. The ways in which that will happen I can't really say except let you know there is a continuous stream of music coming from me.

Which UK or London based artists do you look forward to collaborating with in the near future?

I have several collaborations planned with London based singer Latir, whom I've already worked with many times. He is an incredible singer and writer and we are very similar as people which makes for a dope experience every time we record together. 

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