Interview: London-Born, Miami Based Rap Artist Tim Ajayi

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Tim Ajayi is a Miami based rap artist who originally hails from London and last fall, we featured his very DOPE and highly recommended EP "Made For More". We do our best to stay in touch with the artists we feature on DCWS, so it's only right that we connect with Tim for this exclusive interview.

Enjoy the Q&A with Tim Ajayi and then be sure to follow him on his social media streams and most importantly, stream and share the "Made For More" EP. 

Coming from London to the US, how is urban culture different across the pond in terms of music and fashion?

The UK urban culture is very underground, with little desire to change and conform, that’s what gives it the raw essence you hear and see. This allows for unfiltered expressions, whether it's the music or the fashion. It really is a reflection of how things are, rather than the way we’d like it to be. With the US being 100 times bigger, I think there is more variety in the US urban culture giving it a stronger social influence, but maybe a weaker sense of identity. 

Following up on that first question, how is your London upbringing conveyed through your music? 

If you were to look at the map of the London underground you would see numerous train lines and routes all interconnected but going different places. I think that’s a representation of my flow/delivery. As an MC I’m able to explore several different pockets of a beat that your standard rapper wouldn't catch. That’s purely because I grew up on Grime, the sound of London, and we went over 140 BPM beats, which is much quicker than a Hip Hop/Rap beat. This is what gives it that raw essence I spoke of. 

For someone who has never heard Grime music before, describe it for them.

Grime is an energy that empowers you. Though it is built on the experience of pain, it literally eliminates all weakness when you listen to it. Fast, experimental beats matched with an unpredictable, punchy delivery of braggadocious yet honest bars. It’s a new experience every time you hit play.  

Why is spirituality important for you to address through your music?

Simply because I believe that's what and who we truly are. As I learned more about myself I started to understand I will never know it all, and that’s what spirituality is to me - an infinite journey. Music is, or at least should be the same. It’s an art and art in its true form is timeless. So merging the two just makes sense… for me. 

Congratulations on the release of the "Made For More" EP. What does this project mean to you and what are you most proud of with it?

Thank you! You know it’s funny because at first the project was no more than a showcase of my ability and experiences. But as it materialized it started to have a deeper meaning to me. Basically, the project is my realization that I’m here to do greater things than I anticipated. So it makes sense that it’s my debut tape. Honestly I think I’m most proud of the fact that I actually released it on time and the track “Get Used to It”. My cousin Sensei Mansa from London produced the beat and we were lucky to have an upcoming Miami artist Dyna Edyne feature on it. That’s 3 very different energies combining to create, my first time working like that so it was cool and it came out dope. 

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Thoughtful, Adventurous and Penetrating (or “For the people)  

Can we expect a video of a song from the EP soon? If so, which one? 

Of course. I’ll be dropping a video to the 2nd song “What Is Life”. I think this track embodies the meaning of the whole project and it’s a smooth listen, so no brainer for me there.     

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