Interview: Long Island Rapper/Singer 51b Discusses His New Video "Jerry Rice", His Thoughts About The Current State of Hip-Hop and More

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We connected with Long Island based rap artist and singer 51b to discuss his new hit video "Jerry Rice", his creative process, whether we'll be hearing "Jerry Rice" on an upcoming project and much more. After reading our exclusive Q&A, be sure to connect with 51b on IG and share the video with all your people who love dope music. 

Tell us about your name 51b. What does it represent to you?

I first started making music in a group called Area51, I since then went solo and decided to make my craft on my own but the name 51b is my roots in this music game. 

Congrats on the success of your single/video "Jerry Rice". How did the song originally come about? Who produced it?

It was produced mainly by my favorite producer, PILGRIM. I heard the beat and automatically heard the hook in my head and just ran with it. I thought it would be a smooth, yet song everyone could vibe to.

What are your thoughts about the state of rap music in mid 2018 and where would you say that you fit in in this climate?

I love the game right now. I think there’s so many different types of hip-hop out there now and it makes a lot more opportunity from independent artists to be creative with their sound. I definitely think I fit in more with the new school rap sound that the younger generation tends to be drawn to.

Describe your creative process when it comes to developing tracks. Do you have ideas for songs in your mind before hearing an instrumental or vice versa?

I usually have an idea of what type of song I want to make based off my last drops. I like to switch it up because I think I can be very versatile, so I usually start with the beat and if I like it, it just flows and I go with it. I don’t really write down my lyrics anymore because I’ve found it takes away from the creative vibe. 

What do you look for with the beats that you select to write to?

I like beats that make people want to feel good; happy beats. Beats that make you want to move or just vibe out.

What comes next after "Jerry Rice"? Will the track appear on an upcoming EP, mixtape or album?

I’m going to be releasing a lot of singles this summer on all platforms, to build hype for an EP at the end of the summer that will take over.

How many songs would you say that you have stashed away that we, as in the public, will never hear?

I have about 20 unreleased songs that might never be released, but you never know; I might listen to one and sneak one out of the file cabinet one day.

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