Interview: Los Angeles Based Rap Artist and Producer Thomas DaVinci

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Thomas DaVinci is a Los Angeles based rap artist and producer, originally from Chicago, who we've connected with for an exclusive Q&A. During our interview, we discuss the motivation and treatment for Thomas's latest single and video "Birth Rights", and much more.

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Salute to you for creating the song "Birth Rights" as well as its video. What motivated you to create the song in the first place and how did you come up with the treatment at the poetry slam?

Thanks a lot, I’m glad it could be appreciated. What motivated me to create the song was the feeling I got while producing the track. I felt uplifted and grateful. So I wanted the song to express winning the battle against anxiety. I came up with the idea to shoot the visual at an open mic because an open mic is a place where people can be most free and exhausted stress. I chose this particular open mic because I went there occasionally and they often throw fundraisers and food/clothes drives so I felt the need to share my platform with the community since they’ve shown great support.

When someone listens to the song or watches the video for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

That it’s cool to be yourself and that you’re not your insecurities.

With so much musical talent where you are in Los Angeles, how do you go about remaining original and carving your own lane creatively?

I stay to myself and don’t let society influence me. I stay tuned in to the sound though, and it’s direction. Nothing, to me, is truly original in music. Everything has an influencer, but how I stay original is by trusting myself and paying homage to those that are responsible for my influence in music, which are the artists I grew up listening to.

Did you start writing music first or were a producer originally? Also, being a producer, are you more critical of production from other beat makers when choosing instrumentals?

I was a writer first. I picked up producing because i couldn’t depend on someone to produce everything for me and I refused to use a “type beat.” I’m also self taught on the piano and have been playing my whole life and watched “Drumline” a million times so I’ve always had an ear and passion for production lol. Producing actually makes me more understanding of instrumentals than critical, I believe music is subjective. But nah ever since I’ve gotten comfortable with producing I don’t just rap over anything. I care about the listener too much.

What are your goals musically for the remainder of 2018?

To drop a project and continue to release top quality music with relatable material.

You're from Chicago originally; how did you end up in Los Angeles? How different are the cities for emerging artists such as yourself.

Chicago will always be home, but LA has more outlets and opportunity than Chicago. Especially on the south side where I grew up.

I honestly believe I wouldn’t be as potent with my music if I didn’t move.

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