Interview: Los Angeles Based Rap Artist Boogie Fre$h Talks About His New Single/Video "2 of Amerikaz Most Player"

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We connected with Los Angeles based rap artist Boogie Fre$h for an exclusive interview to discuss his new single/video “2 of Amerikaz Most Player” featuring Issachar 9. During our interview we also talked about how Boogie Fre$h stands out from the other rappers in Los Angeles, as well as his goals musically for the remainder of 2019, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Boogie Fre$h, be sure to connect with him on IG and be on the lookout for his debut album “Fre$h Start” which drops later this summer.

Tell us about you and Issachar 9's creative process for the development of the "2 of Amerikaz Most Player" song.

We got high one night while recording several songs. Threw the beat on while Issachar 9 fell asleep. He woke up and immediately hopped on the mic and spit 6 bars. I came in after him and we went back and forth. The rest is history.

Congratulations on the release of your new video "2 of Amerikaz Most Player", which was directed by ArchitekCulture Films. How did you come up with the treatment for this visual?

Thank you very much. Me and Issachar 9 have listened and saved this beat for a year now. Before we could even record anything we had already decided to have suits in the video and keep it "player". While recording, by coincidence the picture we painted of being "player" ended up matching the idea we first came up with a year ago with just the beat. We then decided to call it "Amerika's Most Player" and stick to the suits idea but taking it to Beverly Hills and make it a Black Excellence theme.

When someone watches "2 of Amerikaz Most Player" for the first time, what do you want them to take away from it?

That you don't need girls, guns, money, or drugs to be player or have a fly video.

How would you say that you stand out from the other rap artists in Los Angeles?

We use different lingos, style, and have different content. I always speak French, so I rap and sing in French as well, which a lot of other artists don't do.

With this visual now out, what's next for you and what are some of your goals musically for the rest of 2019?

Release my very first album "Fre$h Start" in August 2019, with three more visuals.

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