Interview: Los Angeles Based Soul Singer-Songwriter UNKH

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Shout out to Los Angeles based soul singer-songwriter UNKH who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to talk about his new music video “Wha Wha Song”, his just released EP “Born On A Sunday” and much more.

After reading our Q&A with UNKH, be sure to stream both “Wha Wha Song” and the “Born On A Sunday” EP on Spotify and connect with him on his social media to stay up to date on everything he’s got coming next!

You're born and raised in the DMV but now call Los Angeles home; was music the main determinant for the move?

Music was definitely a key factor in moving as well as for my mental well being. After leaving on the East Coast for all my life it was time for change. And the move has been amazing so far!

You've definitely been working hard and dropping new music consistently, like the very dope new video "Wha Wha Song" and the EP "Born On A Sunday". How do you as a creative avoid burnout?

I definitely have my on and off moments. Lately I’ve been on fire creatively. But I always know and can feel when it’s time to download, experience and just be human. That’s where all the inspiration and growth comes from.

Speaking of the "Wha Wha Song", what motivated you to write it and why did you select it for a video?

“Wha Wha Song” is one of the first songs I started created from scratch with my then engineer and now producer, “Jrobonthetrack”. I wanted to cultivate my personal sound even more. We fused our ideas and created the instrumental. I even got my keyboardist to lay some chords. I had the song for a while before the words came. I was initially was talking about myself and where I was at mentally at the moment. Then I thought it would be kool to use different characters to be more relatable. But we never thought much about the song after recording it honestly. The audience would love singing along when I performed it live though. Fast forward to a month and half after me moving to LA and meeting Maceo Tenjaji through his girl Jazzo who’s also an artist. She told him about my music and he was randomly in town from Maryland looking to shoot. We planned and shot the video you see now in a few days. Definitely a God Luck moment as I like to say!

Not to be outdone with "Born On A Sunday", you will be releasing another EP soon as well entitled "Hindsight". Tell us about that project.

Yes, “Hindsight” will be my third EP release this year. It’s five songs that me and my guitarist and friend, Clint Anderson wrote in 2015. We performed a couple of them in our live set as well as with my former band “The Kool Beans” over the years. I finally recorded the songs years later. It includes my band on a couple songs and of course Clint on all of them. I can’t wait for my core live show supporters to hear.


How will "Hindsight" be different than the "Born On A Sunday" EP?

It’s just straight up singing mainly. Brighter and randomly my first curse wordless project. And it wasn’t intentional. LOL! I believe it captures the essence of my Soul Fusion sound on a Universoul level. And I’m not talking the circus my people. Ha! Also it takes me back to when I quit my job in 2014 to pursue my career full-time and started performing live as a legit artist.

Name three things that inspire you to create new music?

Other artists and creatives inspire me just by being them and giving their art. Day to day life experiences inspire me. And my crazy imagination for sure!

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