Interview: Los Angeles Rap Artist Pat Knox Discusses His Newly Released Self-Titled Debut EP "Pat Knox"

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We connected with Los Angeles based rap artist Pat Knox for an exclusive interview to discuss his newly released self-titled debut EP “Pat Knox”. During our interview, we specifically asked Pat about what he finds influences his songwriting, his creative process for the development of the EP, how he would describe his music to a stranger and much more.

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If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Alluring, expressive, and unflinching.

What would you say are some things that influence your songwriting?

I mostly pull from things I’ve seen or been through first-hand. I also like to write about states of mind and mentalities that I believe in, or feel compelled to engage in. This helps me create a vibe that pushes me to be my best and strive for better. I’ll use experiences from my close friends and family too, whether I’m in them or not. I like to be mindful of each person’s perception of life based on their walk. If part of that strikes me a certain way, and I feel like I can contribute musically to create a positive effect, I want to explore that for sure.

Congratulations on the completion and release of your debut EP "Pat Knox". Tell us about your creative process for the development of the six featured songs.

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Thank you very much. It was definitely an enjoyable process. Basically, Connor would come up with a beat he made at home, and we would take it from there to the studio where we could develop it further with the resources we were lucky enough to have available. I would make beats too here and there (“Fake Wings” was my solo song), but once the beat was at a certain point I could write to it and proceed to record. Most of the time I had a concept and a good amount of the lyrics down already, but some were written new as well.

From start to finish, how long did it take to complete the EP, and what would you say was the most stressful aspect of it?

Great question. I had a lot of it written half way for a long time; then I got stuck in what for me was a big rut in life, (what the song “Fake Wings” is about) and had to put the whole thing on hold. I was in a terrible place. I didn’t have the guts or motivation to bring it to fruition or anything else I had going for that matter. It was very stressful. Once I was able get out of that enough, I geared up and got it done. I’m thankful every day for the strength that took, and hope my music can help conjure that strength for others going through something similar. I’m also grateful for it because it created a new outlook and some raw, new material that seemed to flow out naturally pretty fast. The whole thing propelled me into a new zone that works tenfold more effective today. So even though this took me 6 years from start to finish, I can safely anticipate closer to 6 months for the next one lol.

Finish this sentence - "When someone listens to the "Pat Knox" EP for the first time, they will ..."

Experience a dope new vibe and be intrigued as the layers around him start to peel back.

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