Interview: Los Angeles Rapper $treeb Talks About His New Video "Changing On Me" and W$TN

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Shout out to Lost Angeles based rapper $treeb who connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to discuss his new music video “Changing On Me” as well as his brand W$TN, why his hometown is such a hotbed for DOPE rappers and much more.

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You come from a city that is a certified breeding group for dope rappers over a number of decades. What about Los Angeles has made it such a hotbed for top rap talent?

Yeah a lot of greatness is produced out the city for sure. I can’t really pinpoint the exact reason as to why it’s so successful just because every artist always has their own motor or inspiration behind whatever they do. Also, just growing up in Cali we all know how historic Los Angeles is to hip-hop so that can play a role into it as well but I don’t really have a specific answer to that. So I guess we can say it must be something in the water lmao.

Congratulations on the release of your new music video "Changing On Me". Tell us about the song itself; who produced it and what motivated you to write it?

Thank you so much. The song Is produced by my bro and W$TN’s very own XL and was inspired by real life honestly. Just started noticing the energy people been giving off every since we decided to really go 100% with the music so I just wanted to shed a lil light on that. Just to let em know I see whats going on.

Shout out to your homie who appeared in the video. Who directed it and why did you decide to shoot a video for "Changing On Me" and not another one of your tracks?

Yeah man shout out my dawg West AJ! It was directed by myself and Cartier Visions. I decided to do a video for this just because I felt like they already felt where I was coming from with the lyrics but the visual behind it would really sell the point I was trying to make.

Will "Changing On Me" be a part of an upcoming EP, mixtape or album? If so, what can you tell us about it?

“Changing On Me” may just be left as a single just because I have so much new music tucked and this has been out for a cool amount of time so i’ll just let this live on its own, but just know there’s a lot more on the way.

With "Changing On Me" newly released, what are some of your goals musically for 2019?

My overall focus for 2019 is to continue the momentum I have rolling as of now and to really lock in with more visuals. Also, get the ball back rolling on building the W$TN brand that my team and myself have established so it’ll be a very busy year and I’m sure we’ll be speaking again further down the line! Thank you guys for the opportunity.

What exactly is W$TN and how have they been beneficial to your music brand thus far?

W$TN is our brand which stands for West Nation. It’s our crew which is stacked with multiple artists S/o WstWst Z and Kamal Shah, two producers XL & Tyrell, our DJ Crystal, and our MC/party promoter AJ. Outside of the crew though W$TN is a lifestyle. We have our own clothing line and throw some of the livest events not only in LA but all over from Vegas, Arizona, and Louisiana just to name a few. The brand overall has been very beneficial just as far as creating a stream of revenue for all of us and even giving another outlet for the music to be heard and the brand to be seen in the hottest clubs in the city and we even put on our own college tour last year, so its been a huge blessing.

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