Interview: Louisville Based Rap Artist and Label Executive La Espada

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A unique prodigy in the Hip-Hhop culture in Louisville, La Espada has developed a powerful sound and voice that infuses the complex genres of Trap, EDM, RnB, and Hip-Hop to craft something entirely new and special. Making music that is versatile ranging from upbeat club anthems, conscious and lyrical rap, sensual and melodic vibes, or those feel good tracks that just make people want to go out and be prosperous! La Espada gives a variety of saucy, fresh, and fulfilling tunes! Many of her fans believe her music has similar vibes to those of Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Starrah, and Drake.

We connected with La Espada for an exclusive interview to discuss her new single “Selfish”, find out more about the urban music scene in Louisville, as well as her record label, La Espada Music Group LLC, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new single "Selfish". What inspired you to create this track?

"Selfish" is a song I wrote at the turn of the new year (2019). It was inspired by some personal events that have happened in my life where I finally realized the best thing that I can do is remove myself. A lot of the times the solution is as simple as exiting, not every problem we come across is designed for us to fix; a lot of the time the problems are designed to fix us and add the upgrades, we just struggle with moving on! “Selfish” is about protecting your star player (yourself) from people or things who don't allow you to shine.

You're not just an artist but also the CEO of your own independent label. Does being an artist yourself make it easier as an executive when you are dealing with signees to the label because you have experienced the same things they are?

Yes, I have started my own record label- La Espada Music Group LLC, I wanted to have as much creative control as possible. Being an artist and a CEO can be challenging, but at the moment I'm only focusing on building up one artist-La Espada. I would say, the most challenging part is generating capital to cover business costs. Everything else that comes with being a CEO is pretty much smooth sailing; I love team building, empowering others, researching, networking, and bringing visions alive. So if anyone wants to invest in LEMG LLC contact me, we're both going to end off better than where we started!

Describe the urban music scene in Louisville for us. Are artists supportive of each other and are the locals supportive of homegrown talent?

The Urban Music Scene in Louisville has been revitalized, we haven't seen many of our artist make it to mainstream since Nicole Scherzinger in the early 2000s, but we've always had influence on mainstream urban music when you think about Playa, Static Major, and Nappy Roots. When Bryson Tiller broke way, it's like the city woke up. We're a close nit city so a lot of the support is segmented and biased, and if we don't know who is going to be taking money at the door, more than likely people are not coming to your event! Fortunately, we've had a new change in perspective, we're listening and supporting one another more and it's working! Just last year (2018) we had 2 artist I know of to get signed: Jack Harlow who is signed to Atlantic Records-Generation Now and Big Money Markie with Interscope Records; not to mention BBlasian who is already getting the attention of major record labels after the release of one single. I think it's safe to say we're on the up and up and we have our foot on the gas!

With "Selfish", "All Day" and "Hop Out" released, can we expect these tracks to be featured on an upcoming EP or album in 2019? If so, what can you tell us about the project?

“Selfish”, “Hop Out”, and “All Day” are singles I released for my fans to have something new to looks forward to and enjoy. I have two EPs I am waiting to release, one has a more RnB feel, while the other has a more Hip-Hop feel to its sound. I'm excited about both projects; I want to be the type of artist that can provide different sonic experiences for my fans to live life to. I know I want to live my life making music that many people can relate to and be inspired by!

Would you say that your education at the University of Louisville has helped you at all as an artist, label executive and music brand? If so, how?

Earning a degree at the University of Louisville has definitely been extremely instrumental to my success as an indie artist and CEO. I learned how to get out of my comfort zone a lot more, self-accountability, how to research and analyze data, then present the research, and effective marketing and communication strategies. Once I realized college does't make you, it takes you to new opportunities, I was able to appreciate higher learning and use it to my advantage! Definitely a plus in my book!

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