Interview: Low Blows Discusses His Newly Released Album "Flesh"

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Low Blows is Carlos Vergara, a former member of the Chilean post-punk band Federación de Boxeo and the bassist of the darkwave band This Co. He just released a very innovative animated video entitled "Sucker", a song from his latest EP "Flesh". We connected with Carlos for an exclusive interview to discuss the "Sucker" video, his latest EP, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Carlos, be sure to check out his website, follow him on Facebook and most importantly, stream/download the "Flesh" EP below. 

Describe your creative process as a musician. What sparks your creativity when you write music?

I try to be creative all the time and because doing things, anything, is something that really fulfills me, I'm very lucky to have this pulse that cyclically makes me dig into arts, history, etc. That sparks my creativity.. the rest is try to reach a certain mood where everything just flows. 

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which words would you select?

Noisy and melancholic.

Tell us about your experience as a member of Federación de Boxeo and This Co. and how that led you to where you are now as a solo artist?

Federación is the place to which I've always wanted to return. That was pure unspoken communication and 100% fun. This Co. was work, hard work for making something that in the end was very good and beautiful. Both of them are the experience that now helps me say what I want to say. Only me.

We really love your new video "Sucker". Explain for us how you came up with the treatment and who directed it?

It was really cool to work again with filmmaker Cristian Vidal, with whom we had already worked in the past with Federación de Boxeo. He is a very talented and creative guy, so he had total freedom. He asked me about my concerns, my lifestyle in Ibiza and what had that to do with the lyrics... then he came up with the idea, we thought about graphic references (El Bosco, The garden of earthly delights) and defined the color palette. 

Tell us about your newly released EP "Flesh" and describe for us how it's different than your other releases. 

We just released "Flesh" with Sister 9 Recordings, Manchester. It's my second EP and you can expect an upgrade in relation to the previous one "Holes to Fill" in every way. All the production was better and that certainly helped. Also, it's more raw and heartrending and I think I was able to reach deeper and more sincere feelings. 

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